Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cozy Garden or Ocean View??

Was having a conversation the other day with my colleagues about what we would rather have...a cozy private garden to lounge in, spend some time tending to and having romantic evenings in or wake up to the view of the sparkling ocean and end the day with a beautiful bright blood orange sunset over the water. Hmm?!? So I immediately said I would prefer a cozy garden because I am all about warm fuzzy-feely spaces, plus been in a couple of places with ocean views (current little beach shack doesn't have ocean view) and although the views were incredibly amazing, there is not much coziness and I really wouldn't spend much time looking at the view. Garden or Ocean....they are both beautiful.

Which would you choose?

A green, cozy, private garden/patio?

Oh, I see me here :-)

Or ocean view?

Maybe a little bit of both...perfect.

BUT...the ultimate view would be this. Oh, what a dream.

{all images found via laziness today, sorry}



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