Friday, June 24, 2016

Little Dancer

Wrapping up the editing of these photos and just had to share a few. This little fierce dancer is a shining star. Love her commitment and passion for dance. I can't wait to see her beautiful energy up on stage for her big recital.


Friday, March 25, 2016

Sweet Number ONE!

Sweet baby girl Scarlett is turning one. I recently shared photos of Scarlett that I took at 6 months…and here we are again 6 months later. Love taking photos of this cutie and watching her grow right before my eyes. Happy Birthday baby girl!!!


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh Christmas Wreath!

More like, Oh little pretty sweet Christmas trees how I love you!! I am beyond obsessed with these little trees. They come in different sizes and colors (the itty bitty tiny ones make you squeal). So when I was at Joann's store and found hundreds of them, I just had to figure out a way to use them. Lots of them (but obviously not hundreds.) It was perfect timing when I came across this Martha Stewart village wreath from last year on Pinterest. Of course, like everything else I see, I had to try it myself. Now of course, it's nothing like the OG. I mean who can make anything Martha like Martha!? Although I love how mine came out, let's be serious…it is more likely to make the list for highly successful "Pinterest fails" than it be part of "Martha's circle." Either way, I am pretty proud of it. I put some major hours in to it and have the glue gun burns to prove it…ouch!

I displayed it up on my office door for a few days during our holiday party. I hung this jingle bell pom-pom garland I found at Target to make it a bit more dramatic when hanging on the door without taking away from it's simplicity.

Here are a few iPhone photos of the process. I put together the greens for the wreath (garland + wire frame) and then, to get a visual, started to lay out the trees and little houses (also found at Joann's) where I wanted to start, then just took off with my glue gun. I first spread out the trees and then layered more and more trees. I secured the little houses with wire from the top branch and then glued the bottom to another branch. I seriously wish I would have bought more trees. I wanted it to be completely covered in trees. Maybe next year I will finish it off (after-Christmas I come little sweet trees)


Monday, November 16, 2015

Sweet Baby Scarlett

This here is the lovely Norris Family. I had the pleasure of photographing them a few weeks ago on a perfect cloudy day and I am just obsessed with little Scarlett. She is such a sweet baby girl, easy going, and smiled on que. Super fun! I had such a great time with this family.

And I captured little Miss Scarlett back in June as well. I absolutely love her strawberry blonde hair. She is a DOLL!!