Monday, February 27, 2012

Fearless Coral

After my last post, I decided I was going to be a tad bit more fearless and not think too much about my age and style (don't worry I still have my limits). So, I was out in Manhattan Beach with my lovely friend Erica over the weekend and bought me some very cool coral skinnies :-) Now, I am not that fearless to post a photo of me wearing just imagine me :-) But here's the inspiration (skinnies and non-skinnies). I think they are kinda cool, don't you?

{images via buttonspocket.blogspot,, The Glamourai, CouldIHaveThat.blogspot,}

Happy week.



Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Beautiful Style of Elle MacPherson

With so many fashion icons to admire, I have to say that I am 100% drawn to the ever so beautiful 6 foot tall, 47 year old, Aussie Elle MacPherson. I cannot wait for her new show "fashion Star" so I can be inspired every week. Man, she is gorge!!! Check out her casual street style.

Simple striped tee with jeans and sandals. Usually what I wear on weekends too, or with flats :-) I look EXACTLY (insert sarcasm here) like her I'm sure....duh!.

Simple t-shirt dress with pretty. I love this look.

White blazer with jeans and sandals, and of course a scarf....classic casual.

Probably my favorite look. Love white jeans paired with bright tops.

Pretty Summer dress.

Shopping in sparkle? Yes Please!!!

Not sure if I would ever brave to wear these jeans (at 31 I actually think I am too old to pull this off), I only dare wear a little tear on one knee, but Elle sure does inspire me to be fearless with my style regardless of age.

Wow, gorgeous in red leather pants. AND she is dropping of her son at school looking this fabulous (actually most of these pics are taken as she drops of her son at school).

Love the beige on beige and the subtle scarf.

Sexy Summer look.

Looooove the belt buckle. Rolled up jeans is my favorite to wear on my casual days

Such a young and chic look.

Perfect for a freezing day in London (again as she drops off her son at school).

Beautiful gray on gray with Louboutins :-)

AND.....I can't end this without mentioning her stunning hair, so full and um, bouncy. Love the color too....oh how i wish I could go lighter. Been dying my hair black for 13 years, so basically I would need to shave my head and let it grow out to go any bit lighter. Yikes. Nevermind. {photos via Zimbio and google}

Happy Fearless Styling



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baskets in Decor

I love baskets. They bring a natural feel to any room. We (my sis and I) decided that we wanted to incorporate baskets into the nursery for storage of toys, books, blankets, and the like. I went on a search yesterday for some, oh so many to choose from (and pretty pricey too). Waiting on a couple to go on sale to make the purchase. Check out the images below for inspiration, I mean, baskets can be used for just about anything. Love them!

{images via Elle decor, Decor Pad, Desire to Inspire, diy-home-tips, awelltraveledwoman,, amydmorris.



Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bright & Pretty Nurseries

And here I go again...more nursery eye candy. Was looking for some inspiration for my future baby niece's nursery and came across these gorgeous bright, eclectic, airy baby rooms. I love anything bright, white, with lots of natural light, and the following have just this so are so perfect in my book. Enjoy!


{via Decor Pad}

{via In The Fun Lane}


{source unknown}

{via ohdeedoh}


{via holamama}


See my last post on nurseries HERE.



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cozy Garden or Ocean View??

Was having a conversation the other day with my colleagues about what we would rather have...a cozy private garden to lounge in, spend some time tending to and having romantic evenings in or wake up to the view of the sparkling ocean and end the day with a beautiful bright blood orange sunset over the water. Hmm?!? So I immediately said I would prefer a cozy garden because I am all about warm fuzzy-feely spaces, plus been in a couple of places with ocean views (current little beach shack doesn't have ocean view) and although the views were incredibly amazing, there is not much coziness and I really wouldn't spend much time looking at the view. Garden or Ocean....they are both beautiful.

Which would you choose?

A green, cozy, private garden/patio?

Oh, I see me here :-)

Or ocean view?

Maybe a little bit of both...perfect.

BUT...the ultimate view would be this. Oh, what a dream.

{all images found via laziness today, sorry}