Sunday, April 29, 2012


It's my Birthday!!!!! Another one bites the dust. I am usually pretty mellow for my Birthday, never really plan anything it will be the same this year. Will just enjoy a beautiful ride up the coast with my favorite person in the whole wide world to hang out in our favorite place in the whole wide world...Malibu. Talk about a relaxing day. XoXo, Iris

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Adoption Event....and a little Dog Love IV.

This weekend is the Best Friends Super Adoption Event at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. My hun and I will be there helping out again with Pug Nation Rescue of L.A. and I am super excited to help find little puggies a forever home. If you are interested in a pug, come on by this Saturday and Sunday. Be prepared to be interviewed and open to learning about pugs and the special care they require. We like to know what kind of lifestyle you live in order to find out if a pug is the best fit for you and a home visit is required (I know, it's totally like adopting a child...we want to know everything). Pugs are SUPER lovable dogs, but they are very mellow (well except my Sammy who we swear has springs as legs) and aren't active-let's go for a jog- or walk in hot weather kind of dogs. They require a lot of attention, like lots of kisses, cleaning of their "wrinkles," more kisses, expressing of anal glands (sooo smelly), and lots of vacuuming (they shed like crazy). Peter actually makes home cooked meals for Porky and Sammy daily, which has incredibly helped with the shedding and Porky's fur even feels like velvet (not kidding).
My baby Porky Pug (The Porkster)
The sweet Sammy Baby
"The monkeys" giving daddy kisses.
And now on to the very fitting Dog Love series. I love the "Dog Love" posts, probably my favorite here on my blog. There is nothing like a little (or big) best friend to make the home feel cozier and complete. Check out Dog Love I, II, and III if you missed them.
Total Cuteness!
{images via Grant K. Gibson, Apartment Therapy,, Country Living, Cotedetexas} So, if you are looking to adopt a sweet pooch and are in the L.A. area, you must stop by this event to check out ALL of the dogs (and cats) that will be HERE. XOXO, Iris

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beautiful Mixing

I was inspired by this photo I saw yesterday over at Bright.Bazaar of Beth Arrowood's Miami home. I mean, it is GORG!!! The mix of colors and patterns are amazing. Neon yellow with teal velvet....WOW!!!! You must check out the rest of Beth's home HERE.
Some people are afraid to mix colors, thinking everything should always "match" perfectly...but I love to take risks (more now than usual) and try to mix up my wardrobe all the time by mixing colors, patterns, and metals in jewels. I have also been wearing bright colors (those that know me know I love me some black and white). Neons are especially in...and a tad bit of it will go a long way (don't go too crazy with the neons). Check out the beautiful bright colors and patterns in decor and fashion. Be inspired!!
{images via fancyhouseroad, designspongeonline, goldkoi.tumblr, houzz, trendhomedesign, the decorista, running on happiness, cocokelly} So from now on, lets take risks mixing colors and patterns in decor and also in fashion. XoXo, Iris

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I've posted about having greens in the home HERE before because greens definitely complete a room and make it so much more cozy. And ever since I saw this House Beautiful cover, I fell in love with the fiddle leaf fig tree.

It's the perfect in-door tree. The ginormous leaves are gorgeous and definitely make a statement in any room...add the basket and it's absolute perfection.

{images via House Beautiful, Habitually Chic, Emily Henderson, Elle Decor,,,}

For more info on this tree, go here.



Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shaved Beauties

Ever thought of shaving your head? I sure have. And I brought it up to my hun yesterday (for the one thousand time)and he said "do it!" Yikes! For years, I have had an itch to shave my head...and the thought usually comes up when I am straightening my loooong hair and finish needing another shower because I am sweating so much, ugh. Hmm, I wonder what I would look like? What if I don't like it? OMG, what if I have a roach looking birthmark on my head that I don't know about (bad enough I have a ginormous B-mark on my arm that people always stare at). I don't think I have the bolitas to do it, at least not any time soon, but had to look up some shaved beauties for inspiration.

{images via Pinterest, google, ellegirl, and stray hair}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend



Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretty Dressers

I am on the search for a good old dresser. And when I say old, I do mean OLD. I am hoping to find one that I can sand, paint, and pretty it up my way. I don't want to do anything fancy, maybe just black and antique it a bit, and of course add some cool knobs. But in looking for inspiration, I am also loving the rustic wood as always, and colorful dressers too. Oh, so many cool ideas out there. Here is a bit of what I am liking.

I absolutely LOVE this's exactly what I am looking for (maybe not yellow, but it's gorgeous)

This one would be perfect too.

Wish me luck in my search.