Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Oh Christmas Wreath!

More like, Oh little pretty sweet Christmas trees how I love you!! I am beyond obsessed with these little trees. They come in different sizes and colors (the itty bitty tiny ones make you squeal). So when I was at Joann's store and found hundreds of them, I just had to figure out a way to use them. Lots of them (but obviously not hundreds.) It was perfect timing when I came across this Martha Stewart village wreath from last year on Pinterest. Of course, like everything else I see, I had to try it myself. Now of course, it's nothing like the OG. I mean who can make anything Martha like Martha!? Although I love how mine came out, let's be serious…it is more likely to make the list for highly successful "Pinterest fails" than it be part of "Martha's circle." Either way, I am pretty proud of it. I put some major hours in to it and have the glue gun burns to prove it…ouch!

I displayed it up on my office door for a few days during our holiday party. I hung this jingle bell pom-pom garland I found at Target to make it a bit more dramatic when hanging on the door without taking away from it's simplicity.

Here are a few iPhone photos of the process. I put together the greens for the wreath (garland + wire frame) and then, to get a visual, started to lay out the trees and little houses (also found at Joann's) where I wanted to start, then just took off with my glue gun. I first spread out the trees and then layered more and more trees. I secured the little houses with wire from the top branch and then glued the bottom to another branch. I seriously wish I would have bought more trees. I wanted it to be completely covered in trees. Maybe next year I will finish it off (after-Christmas I come little sweet trees)