Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is it Friday yet?!?

Wish I could say that I am working in an office like this one...

but instead this is more what it looks like.

Almost the weekend...AND HALLOWEEN...YAY!!!!



Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cartagena...a little bit of everything

Ahhh..Cartagena, one of the most beautiful places I have seen. It's colorful small cobble stone streets, palenqueras (women wearing fruit on their heads), plazas filled with local dancers and good restaurants, and pirates....yes Pirates, make this city a must see.

Cartagena has such a rich history, one that involves pirates. Due to Cartagena's wealth, it was continuously targeted by pirates. Buccaneers of legendary Sir Francis Drake ravaged it repeatedly in 1544, 1560 and 1586. Hence, a massive fortification - the greatest in South America-was built.
And here I am in front of it, The Castillo de San Felipe. It's MASSIVE.....

with loooong tunnels and seem to go on forever....

...and ever (I think I was smiling out of panic that I couldn't breathe and I wanted out haha)

Our first night in Cartagena, we were a bit culture shocked. It's very poor and we expected it to be um, more touristy I guess you can say, and it sooo wasn't, which I later appreciated so much more. Why would I want to see a bunch of Americans being from the U.S.? I wanted to feel part of their culture and I did :-)

We stayed at the cute Casa La Fe hotel which is in old Cartagena behind the "walls" or Las Murallas. It would be a sin to go to Cartagena and not stay in Old Cartagena...I was so happy that we didn't choose a "modern" hotel in the hotel zone of Cartagena, which is in the newer and more modern section outside the "walls."

Our room was small and simple....

very charming...

with a cute balcony facing a very busy plaza where locals arrived early to sell juices, bread, jewelry, and phone calls (yup, a woman with a cell phone would make money allowing others to use her phone to make calls)

Next door to our hotel was a restauraant where Jose worked..but he also gave great walking tours of the city. WOW...did he know his stuff. We learned so much from him about the city. He was so nice. Here I am with Jose :-)

On our walking tour, he took us in to some of the most beautiful boutique hotels (that ofcourse made me all bitter going back to my little simple but charming hotel haha)
This is the entrance to Casa Quero. OMG it's to die for. Pictures do it NO justice.

Isn't this room unbelievable?? It's truley amazing with it's high high cielings. And I love that the colors are so natural and elegant.

Beautiful serene.

Amazing bathroom!!!

An Extra bed in the Conde Suite. {all of the above photos from Casa Quero are from here}

Here are some photos I took while there. Love the brick walls going up the stairs.

Outdoor living space.

Taking a picture in the Condesa suite (sorry so blurry, Jose wasn't the best at taking pictures)

Hotel Pestagua

Gorgeous outdoor dining room with a wine cellar at the end of the photo

Gorgeous bed

El Marques Hotel Boutique is absolutely so chic. Here are some shots I took while on our walking tour through Cartagena

One of their many tall iron candelabras

Another ourdoor living space

Bells outside the entrance to their wine cellar. We weren't able to go down because very important executives were having a very important meeting in there...

But this is what it looks like (I want to have an important meeting in there too)

The AMAZING Hotel Sofitel Santa Clara

Calling it a night after some shopping...

actually after some good food and dancing at Plaza Santo Domingo

A must see, put it on your list of places to travel to and remember to stay in OLD Cartagena inside the walls. For more info on this Gem of a city go here.



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rainy and Cold.....

...and I would much rather be in bed with the warmth of the flames, like here. but instead I am at a cold Starbucks doing work. I guess it beats being at the office, but they really need to turn down the air conditioner in here. It's raining and cold for crying out loud.

Enjoy the gloom :-)



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bath Time!!

A warm bath sure sounds good right about now...and I am not even a fan of baths. I actually love the idea of a bath tub purely for decor, but once having one I may actually use it for a bath, especially if it's like any of these.

Very artsy bath room.

I saw this and it reminded me of a Mexican Sarape/blanket...LOVE this limited edition cast iron tub from Kohler Germany.

Perfect color, white, red and gold tub.

Rustic farm house.

I love this chic bathroom and the natural patina.

Wow!!! ok 1) check out the legs on the, 2) check out the gorgeous dress.

Sexy black!!!

Pure elegance!

Loving the silver tub.

How cute is this??

"Her" bathroom...perfect. Gorgeous mirror too.
Enjoy the rest of your Sunday



Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Another online fabulous magazine...I can be hours on the computer "flipping" through the pages of LONNY. Here are some shots and what I love....
LOVE the blue glasses.

LOVE the black mirror.

Gasp!! LOVE the table, oh my!

LOVE the rug.

LOVE the fur...faux I hope.

LOVE the ceramic cockatiel statues on the mantel.

LOVE the blown up photos...too cute.

LOVE the antique cast iron bed.

LOVE the twins...ha. How adorable are they? (house of Lulu De Kwiatkowski)

Ooooh...LOVE the Black and White photos and the drawer chests on each side.

The twins again...ok, but I do LOVE the "Noah's Ark" on the wall. ....but go here to check out the rest