Friday, March 11, 2011

Hollywood Glam

This post was inspired by the movie Cover Girl with Rita Hayworth and Gene Kelly (Hello!!!). I just watched it the other day and I loved it. Rita Hayworth is just stunning!! I was mesmerized by her beauty and her talent. I seriously want to find the images of her below, frame them, and hang them in my powder room...Ok, so I don't really have a powder room, but if I did, that's where they would go:-) Isn't she just beautiful? Who is your favorite "Old Hollywood" actress?

And of course, here are some interiors that are inspired by the Old Hollywood Glamour. {via Jay Jeffers}

{Via Jay Jeffers}

{Nanette Lapore's home}

{Jennifer Lopez' home via Veranda Magazine}


{via Home Fashions}

{via High Fashion Home}

Happy Weekend!!



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