Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty Colorful

Last week was my adorable God-daughter Ella's Spring show at, L'Heritage Francais, the little French school she attends. I bought Ella a "Spring Gift" (us God mothers invent occasions to give gifts haha) and loved the colorful gift wrapping idea I recently found over at Jordan Ferney's Oh Happy Day blog seen HERE. I thought this would be the perfect wrapping for Ella's gift. So to say that I went Yarn Happy is an understatement. I bought yarn in every color. How fun is this??

I also helped out by filling up a mason jar with yummy Oreo cookies covered in white chocolate for the fundraiser. I found Oreo molds of butterflies, bunnies, and sunflowers (perfect for Spring), filled half way with melted white chocolate, placed an Oreo, topped with more white chocolate, placed in fridge for a few minutes, lightly painted the cookies with shimmery food paints, and Voila! These cookies are so delicious and always a hit. If you live in L.A. county or Orange County, you can find everything I used HERE.

I, of course, used my happy colorful yarn to tie a tag to the jar and topped the jar with a bright flower I made of tissue paper :-)

And Ella is happy!! Love her to pieces.




  1. What adorable gifts! I am going to have to try that when I am back in the US. You did a beautiful job! Congratulations - I have awarded you with the Stylish Blogger Award! I couldn't find an email for you on here - contact me for info! :)

  2. enjoyed your blog...found it via Barbara at Haus Design...

  3. Found your blog throgh Barbara at Haus......great ideas here..love the giftrs, so pretty! Please visit me too....www.theenchantedhome.blogspot.com

    PS Your helper is quite cute too!

  4. Thank you ladies!!!! Love the blog support...Barbara...thank you!!!! Ladies, will definitely be visiting and following your blogs too :-)

  5. I love your idea...! & I love that box wrapping...i have to do that darling!!

  6. These colorful gifts are more likely by kids.