Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Inspiration!

I found this pretty image today and was inspired. Hopefully I can start decorating this week. I think my dad still has some of our old Christmas lights and I will put some in a jar like this...or maybe several jars and place on our mantel. Will take photos if I ever come around to it :-) {via Country Living}

Hope you are enjoying your's almost over:-(



Friday, November 26, 2010

Holiday Color Inspiration...RED!'s been a cold thanksgiving weekend... (ok, ok...really doesn't snow in California but I thought this image was very pretty) {image from}

but it's officially Christmas season...and that means, shopping, decorating, cooking, more shopping, Christmas parades, hot chocolates, tree lighting's, holiday party's, more shopping, gift exchanges at work that you really don't care for, ugly Christmas sweaters, long lines everywhere...OH BOY!!! But let's...

and continue looking (or dreaming of) that perfect RED holiday dress. Ah, these Valentino dresses are just dreamy!!! and the pugs? LOVE!!!

and the perfect holiday RED shoes...

and don't forget the sparkly holiday jewelry...

and it's time to bring out the RED lipstick (wore mine yesterday)...oh and this picture is not me, for those of you who are thinking it is haha jk)

and time to start thinking how you want to decorate for the holidays. I absolutely love everything about this image. {image from}

and I will be looking for my stocking...chocolate and lottery tickets will do for me:-)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this simple idea.

and a little bit more design inspiration using RED.{via barhzine}

{via homes and gardens 2008}

{via country living}

{via designer:Susan Massey}

Hey, I may even dye my hair red for the holidays. Kidding:-) But this model looks gorgeous as a redhead.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend...and get ready for the rest of the 2010 holidays.



Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cozy Velvet!!

How cozy would it be to snuggle in velvet right about now? A little inspiration on this freezing (brrr) day.

and my favorite cozy place...The Central Perk. Haha, I know I know, it doesn't exist...but I always wanted to hang out with some "Friends" on this cozy velvet couch, drinking coffee, and then going up stairs to my uber cool apartment to call it a day. (wink-wink)

Have a beautiful day!



Monday, November 22, 2010

RUE magazine...2nd issue!

Get your cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get ready to flip (or click) thru the pages of RUE magazine online. Awesome issue with so many great interiors...ugh, I can't get enough. So many different styles...LOVE!!

A little bit of farm house modern...
{Angela Stone}

A little bit of glam...
{Windsor Smith}

and so much more at RUE Magazine ;-)



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Designer Crush...modern vintage at it's best!

JEFF ANDREWS!!! Top designer in Los Angeles is my new designer crush. Love his work, especially what he did to this Beverly Hills home. Stunning!!! Perfect modern vintage!!

Love these wing back vintage velvet green chairs.

I love the neutral and green patina in this room.

Wow, how gorgeous is this bedroom?? Love the headboard...thinking of making something similar my good Friend. I mean, it looks easy right? haha wish me luck!

Gorgeous vignette in the entry....and stunning combinations of colors, vintage, and modern in the dining area.

I am obsessed with book cases, and this one is brilliant. Really displays mementos, books, art...and it's in a place where it can be appreciated daily. Love!!

Perfect Girly!!!

Another stunning bedroom!

Such a sweet space for the little ones, but something the adults can also enjoy.

Check out more of Jeff Andrews.



Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Garden Inspiration

So this weekend I was inspired (for some weird reason) to garden...well not like garden out in a garden, more like plant plants for the indoors :) I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE having greens inside the house. It really gives the space that Oomph it needs to brighten it and make it feel refreshing. I hope I don't end up killing any plants...Peter is the one with the green thumb (I swear he can keep plants alive for YEARS, well actually he'll kill them and miraculously bring them back to life haha).
So, I was on the search for this...a foxtail fern (also known as Asparagus fern). I love how green it is and heard that it's hard to kill, Ah-ha...perfect right? Well we'll see. I re-pot it in a pretty ceramic black pot because I like the contrast of the green and black.

Once at the nursery, of course I saw other little plants that had to come home with me. Like this cute Sellangenella moss. (Picked up photo in the background in Thailand, reminds me of when my mom used to bathe me as a kid ha!)

Found it's home in my bathroom :)

And I was also inspired to create my own...bought some Bicolor, mother's fern, neanthabella, and baby tears. Then added some other plants from my garden to make it nice and full.
And Viola!!! Here it is!! {sorry for the bad photos, lighting was off}

On a the coffee table with some books and bowl with walnuts (we like to watch TV and crack them walnuts)

SO, a little bit more of lovely inspiration I found...

Enjoy your week