Thursday, September 30, 2010

Beautiful Beach Cottage!!

So I guess it's not quite Fall yet, it's been so hot lately that I thought I'd melt away to a beautiful beach cottage...ok well at least in my dreams, or in this post for now. I love everything about this cottage.

These blue floors go perfect with an all white dining area, and I love the blue's beautifully aged.

Mixing the whites with the blues in the kitchen...I like.

Ahhhh, so cozy. I think I can sit here for hours..maybe read a book or a magazine, or have a mojito with the babe..ok still dreaming, hey a girl can dream.

Ok, maybe I can sit HERE for hours and read a book or magazine or have a mojito with the babe.

I love this garden with the over sized chess playful. Reminds me of this......

...when I was in Uruguay this year and found this old Chess set. Ok, now I'm dreaming about being back in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay. (will post about that quaint adorable town some other time).

I really really like this bathroom...might have to steal this idea. I love black and white photos in the bathroom.

Blue and White...lovely!

This bedroom reminds me on mine, (which also reminds me...I have not done a post on it..still needs more details but will soon) all white with a few vintage style details. I love the frames above the it a romantic feel.

And don't forget to grab your beach bag and wear your hat before heading out to the beach...and sunscreen too:)
{images from HERE}



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Harper's Bazaar

WOW!!!! I can't even describe how stunning Drew Barrymore looks in this Harper's Bazaar cover and spread. I first became a huge fan of Drew when I watched E.T. as a child, which I'm sure many of you did too. I just had to do a post on this shoot...everything is perfect, from the photography (UH-MAZE-ING), to the location (which I don't know where it is, but I'm sure it's a ridiculously gorgeous house up on the hills somewhere), the DRESSES, and of course the model, Sweet little Drew Barrymore (well not so little anymore). Oh and not to mention the killer body...yeah I'll be going to the gym tonight for sure.

Photo credit: Mark Selinger, check out his amazing photography here



Monday, September 27, 2010

I would rather be here....

in this Glam office that i'm pretty sure is air conditioned, instead of being out in the above 100 degree weather. I love the blue walls with all of the black and white framed photos. I don't think I would have any problems being able to work in this space. Beautiful!!
Enjoy the weather...and Happy Monday!



Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Black Wall, I Love You!!

Do you paint your walls black?? Lately I have been obsessed with the idea of black walls, of course if done tastefully, can be go-gorgeous!! I just painted my bedroom, or else I would have added a black wall...thinking about bathroom ceiling though, oooooh should I?? Black walls are such a spectacular backdrop for gold frames and mirrors as well as white accessories...and much more. Here are a few beautiful photos with black walls...many ideas.
{apartment therapy}

OMG!!!! This bed is absolutely to DIE for and the black backdrop makes this a perfect bedroom in my book. STUNNING! {Living etc.}

What an interesting wall...I love it!! {apartment therapy}

Gorgeous Mirror to reflect the black walls.

YES...a nursery with black or dark navy walls looks soooo cool, don't you think? Its super forget the pastels. {Domino Mag}

This is a fun space, beautiful vintage yellow velvet chair against a black wall.{brooklyn modern}

I am obsessed with this kitchen...tried convincing Peter to paint our kitchen, and although he loves how it looks, didn't think it would be a good idea because of the crappy cabinets that we have right now. So would not go with black walls. UGH...but I love this. Designer Ruthie Sommers did an amazing job.

{velvet palette blog}

What a serene corner, love the color combo here {house of fraser}

I LOVE LOVE LOVE (I can say LOVE many more times here) this space, from the floors, to the chair and desk, to the windows and window treatment, the hour glass and other accessories, and of course the black wall. PERFECT!! {lonny mag.}

Beautiful bathroom!!

I don't have kids, but I want one of these. A black chalk board wall to scribble fun would that be?? Actually, this entire house is stunning. Check it out here under residential projects then Shelter Island Fisherman's cottage. This house deserves an entire post...definitely will later.
Happy Painting.



Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Fall is here, but it's not like we really had a summer this year. This is the time of year I wish I lived where there are endless trees and the red, orange and yellow leaves covering the streets. Like here....(I took this photo a few months ago while visiting Uruguay, it was Fall there.)

or here....

and here.... Guess I will have to move to the East Coast :)

Adding warmer tones by changing pillows or adding a vase with orange flowers makes for a nice Fall feel in the home.

I love the colors here...from the wall art, to the pillows, and the lamp. Changing the lamp shade to a warmer color is an inexpensive way to get that Fall look. (image from Martha Stewart Living)

How cute are these little pumpkins, nice color combo.(image from BellaCasa)

So Shabby Chic and ready for Fall. (image from Romantic Homes)

I love the splashes of orange. (image from Better Homes & Garden)

And as usual, interior designer and blogger Lauren Liess knows how to make her home look great here for the Fall (image from Pure Style Home blog)

Lauren also added orange pillows in her it. (image from Pure Style Home blog)




Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flea Market and Bringing in the Outside Sunday

Today, Peter and I went to the Long Beach Flea Market . I was specifically looking for an end table, but there were so many other things that I was drawn to. The first thing I noticed entering the flea market was this gorgeous chair. Although it can use some reupholstering, I love the original green velvety fabric.

Then I saw this......Ahhhh LOVE. But I needed to focus, plus I have no idea where I would put this at home. So I moved on....Good bye handsome : (

I have a slight obsession with bottles and jars. I was ga-ga over the collection here, especially the light blue colored bottles...I wanted them all. But again....FOCUS IRIS!!! (wow, I did pretty good going without buying a few of these)

Super cute brass stool.

Hmmm..look it here, a therapist "client" chair (well maybe it's not, but can totally be one). I should have grabbed this one for my office.

Cute scruffy owl framed painting. Would be adorable in a kids room.

Colorful chandeliers...Very cool and Funky.

AHHHHHHHH!!!! And finally, after walking THE ENTIRE market, aisle by aisle, found it at the very last aisle. So the pattern.

Ok, but still couldn't resist checking out a few more items on the way this awesome trunk. Perfect for a coffee table or a foot bench in a bedroom.

Another trunk, love the industrial feel of this one. There were so many other things that I loved at the flea market, but was so mesmerized that I would forget to take pictures. Promise to do a better job at it next tiime.

A closer peek at the details.

Lovely pattern.

And on this beautiful Sunday, why not go outside? Our 2 avocado trees...yummy.


Guava Guava!!!

AND.....why not bring the outside IN. I love having splashes of green randomly around the house. Here, I brought in a couple of leaves from our many Calla Lily plants.

My new table making it's debut...for now I've placed some books on it and a vintage bottle with a cross, as well as some greenery.

Guava branch in a jar. Subtle additions of greens can really make a difference and brighten up the area.

I eventually want to buy a small lamp for the table, but for now this set up will do. (The green velvet case was given to me by Peter's mom with vintage jewelry in it...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and texture so much that for months I searched for a fabric just like it, with no success (so bummed) However, it inspired my new blog name because every fabric store I went to, I would describe it as Velvet Moss)