Sunday, September 19, 2010

Flea Market and Bringing in the Outside Sunday

Today, Peter and I went to the Long Beach Flea Market . I was specifically looking for an end table, but there were so many other things that I was drawn to. The first thing I noticed entering the flea market was this gorgeous chair. Although it can use some reupholstering, I love the original green velvety fabric.

Then I saw this......Ahhhh LOVE. But I needed to focus, plus I have no idea where I would put this at home. So I moved on....Good bye handsome : (

I have a slight obsession with bottles and jars. I was ga-ga over the collection here, especially the light blue colored bottles...I wanted them all. But again....FOCUS IRIS!!! (wow, I did pretty good going without buying a few of these)

Super cute brass stool.

Hmmm..look it here, a therapist "client" chair (well maybe it's not, but can totally be one). I should have grabbed this one for my office.

Cute scruffy owl framed painting. Would be adorable in a kids room.

Colorful chandeliers...Very cool and Funky.

AHHHHHHHH!!!! And finally, after walking THE ENTIRE market, aisle by aisle, found it at the very last aisle. So the pattern.

Ok, but still couldn't resist checking out a few more items on the way this awesome trunk. Perfect for a coffee table or a foot bench in a bedroom.

Another trunk, love the industrial feel of this one. There were so many other things that I loved at the flea market, but was so mesmerized that I would forget to take pictures. Promise to do a better job at it next tiime.

A closer peek at the details.

Lovely pattern.

And on this beautiful Sunday, why not go outside? Our 2 avocado trees...yummy.


Guava Guava!!!

AND.....why not bring the outside IN. I love having splashes of green randomly around the house. Here, I brought in a couple of leaves from our many Calla Lily plants.

My new table making it's debut...for now I've placed some books on it and a vintage bottle with a cross, as well as some greenery.

Guava branch in a jar. Subtle additions of greens can really make a difference and brighten up the area.

I eventually want to buy a small lamp for the table, but for now this set up will do. (The green velvet case was given to me by Peter's mom with vintage jewelry in it...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color and texture so much that for months I searched for a fabric just like it, with no success (so bummed) However, it inspired my new blog name because every fabric store I went to, I would describe it as Velvet Moss)



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