Sunday, July 31, 2011

Devynn's Garden

I have been riding my bike to Devynn's Garden in Belmont Shore for quite some time now (as seen above) to pick up flowers when I need a quick gift or simply to brighten up the place with a colorful arrangement. And for years I have been driving by, and on occasion stopping in to admire, their Sunset Beach location (and main store) that is conveniently located on Pacific Coast Highway. So I finally decided I had to stop in to take some pictures to share with you all...I mean, this store is GORGEOUS!!! Owners David and Cyndi Turk have really done an incredible job on all three locations, they have another store in Seal Beach. With over 13 years in business, it is evident by the attention to every detail, from the floral arrangements to the decor in their stores to the caring relationships they make with new and old customers...simply amazing. The store never fails to impress me, Cyndi told me she rearranges the store all of the time, so you never know what you will find when you walk in to Devynn's Garden.

Enjoy the pictures (now bear with me...I went a little crazy, wanted to capture every detail from every angle). Here is the outside of the Sunset Beach location.

and yes, that is Peter looking out the window patiently waiting for me in what he named "the guys area" (he names every area where there is a chair while I shop "the guy area" ha-ha.

Succulent Galore!!! I think this is where my love affair with Succulents began...every time I would drive by I would say "Ooooh I love all those succulents, so pretty" I'm sure Peter was so annoyed every time ;-)

Beautiful plants and more succulents off to the side of the store.

Cyndi on a busy Saturday bustling through the store...It was really nice to see how much she cares for her customers by the undivided attention she gives them.

I love this table...the natural rustic elements are seen throughout the store.

All in the details.

Okay, so these hanging poofs were my favorite in the entire store. Aren't they cool? Really give the space that extra pizzazz.

Beautiful accessory arrangement with beautiful color combination.

Orchids, orchids, and more orchids. Love them.

A mossy branch perfectly placed amidst belts and scarfs.

Gorgeous earrings displayed on a bed of rocks.

David and Cyndi's beautiful children....Devynn is their oldest daughter. You will find gorgeous family photos throughout the store...speaks volume of how tight-knit this family is and how this is truly a family business.

KAI their body butter. And loving that Stick-y ball too (not sure what else to call it ha!)

More natural beauty atop this simple book case displaying many pretties.

Here is another view of the hanging poofs...and also check out the black hanging shades in the background. Beautiful mix of natural elements, with modern and glamour all thrown in one.

And another view...yup, that's the "guy area" back there where Peter is STILL waiting patiently for me. I can only imagine all of the detailed planning for weddings and other events that goes on in that area...brings in beautiful light to the store.

A romantic necklace.

Here is a closer view of the glamorous hanging shade and another view of the store.

Cyndi working her magic on a beautiful flower arrangement and, again, paying very close attention to detail.

Promise....last shot of the now famous hanging poof. Can't get enough of it :-)

Patio where most of the flowers are displayed and the main working area for Cyndi and her staff.

Whimsical tree...I want one of these in my living room, don't you??

What did you think? Quite remarkable isn't it? I hope to also go to the Seal Beach store soon, it's much smaller but just as beautifully decorated.
Make sure to stop in any of the 3 locations if you are ever in these Southern California Beach cities.
Thanks to Cyndi for letting me stop by to take all of these pictures.
To find out more about Devynn's Garden go HERE.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.



Saturday, July 30, 2011

Morning Sunshine.....

it's finally the weekend!!! It's suppose to be a beautiful warm day. Woke up to upbeat music and lots of brightness today. I always have to sleep with my blinds open so I can wake up to the natural beautiful light hitting my face, really puts me in a good mood (especially if it's super bright and sunny) anybody else have to do this? Today we are heading up to Malibu for their annual arts festival...excited to eat at our favorite spot, Cafe Habana(best fish tacos), do a little shopping, and just relax in this beautiful beach city.
Happy Weekend & Let the Sun Shine





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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Street Style Perfection

Loving this look for summer...very chic and protects skin from those pesky hot wrinkle-causing sun rays in a very stylish way :-)

Street Style: Paris

Crochet shirt
$66 -

£65 -

Fendi wedge high heels
$269 -

Chanel shoulder bag

H M straw hat
£6.99 -

Madewell leather belt
$40 -



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Madame Tussauds

I wanted to share some pictures from the amazing Madame Tussaudes Hollywood...had been dying to go and finally had the perfect excuse to go this past weekend. We had family visiting from out of town :-) Love playing tourist in my own city. This museum is so fascinating. I mean, look at these figures...don't they look so real? Can you guess who they are? What I love about this museum is that you can actually touch and hig and pretty much get really really close to the figures, and take pictures in the museum (unlike the famous Wax Museum also in Hollywood.) I took tons of pictures...but here are only a few (didn't want to bore you with all of these wax figures lol) Can you guess who they are? Enjoy!!