Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend at the Orange County Fair

So with the big ordeal of the 405 being closed off in the West Side this weekend...we decided to jump on the 405 but head south to Orange County for the opening weekend of the O.C. Fair. The freeway was heaven!! Carmageddon my A**! I guess the whole hoopla on the news every minute of every hour of every day last week worked because everyone stayed away from the freeways. It was my first time at a County fair and I loved every minute of it. I was most intrigued by all of the food and excited to get a small taste of the goodies that make this fair the place to be every summer. The day was warm, but not overly hot which made it an even more perfect of a day.
We were greeted by this adorable lama...I mean, check out those teeth. Adorably ugly lol.

And of course as soon as we get there, the smoke pulled us to try these chops on a stick....soooo delicious!!!!

The gardens at the fair are very pretty and colorful.

THEN....we came across all of the fried junk. This fried stuff is everywhere. We went for the fried brownies.....and OMG are they to die for. So, moist, and chocolaty. (mouth salivating now).

This is only some of the food they fry....butter, Really?? We kept stopping at every booth asking each other "okay so should we try the chocolate covered corn dogs? what about the Oreos? Should we try bacon in chocolate?" but nope, we could not convince ourselves that these would be worth it.

So off we went to the fun games.

Peter was a total kid. Really cute to watch :-) Melted my heart, awwww (ok enough)

After several minutes of convincing, I finally decided to go on the Ferris Wheel (hate things that go round and round, almost always end of puking...but I didn't).

Very scary when it rocks...

At the very top.

And more food....tri-tip, yum.


Some more games...Peter was very focused and determined to win.

And when he didn't win, we took a small break to have some root beer shaved ice and re-energize for some more games.

Aaaaand that shaved ice worked. Peter WON!! A ginormous pug...LOL.

I think we will have our pugs bite it, hump it, piss on it, and tear it apart.

More walking around and people watching. Here this guy works very hard to design a gorgeous cake. Amazing detail.

Peter now not too happy to be carrying the Jumbo Pug haha this picture cracks me up.

Incredibly beautiful elephant (giving kids rides, ugh, poor elephant)

Came across a Western style booth and just had to have Peter try on a cowboy hat...I love me a sexy cowboy :-)

And we just had to try something else...fried Snickers bar. Very tasty I shall say. But nothing beats the fried brownies (oh, I think I want to go back for some more.)

Such a fun day. If you are in L.A. or Orange County, you must go to the O.C. Fair. Find out more about it HERE.

Happy Week!




  1. Sounds like fun-fun-fuuun! So bad that I can't go visit O.C. fair due to work & distance for now. Hopefully will, sooner or later :)

    p.s. the giant pug looks super cute ^^ Xo

    - Urska @

  2. Hello, maybe this isn't the site to ask you this, but I've just read your comment on a Caroloyn Bessette & John Kennedy Jr blog:
    "Miss Rubio said...
    I love this post...thanks for sharing these timeless photos. I was obsessed with them just as I am now of Will and Kate. Heartbroken when they passed, I taped hours on end of live coverage and specials after they died."
    ANd I would like to know if you still have that tapes, and in that case if you can upoad the Carolyn's images. I'm a huge carolyn fan from Europe and here I almost haven't seen anything about her. So would you be kind enough to upload them to youtube??.

    By the way, I took a look to your blog, and ir's really cool, I like decorating too, but I'm not proffesional on it.

    Thank you & good luck

  3. Hello...thanks for the comment. Unfortunately, I am not sure where I have placed those I have no idea how I would get a VHS tape onto youtube...not that computer saavy. Sorry...really wish I could get those to you. If I ever do come across them, I will definitely let you know :-)