Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Faux Kitchen Backsplash

I finally convinced Peter to paint the walls in the kitchen...they were a yucky off whitish, yellowish, someone that smokes lives here (which we don't) kinda color. So we brightened up the area by going with a sparkly white. Wow, a simple color really makes a difference, it's so bright and airy now. So I wanted to add a little something that would stand out now that the walls were white...especially since we can't go too crazy in getting creative with color :-(
Here is what I did...

Painted black stripes (and one gold) on a canvas using painter's tape.

and voila!! An instant backplash.

Wish I could really paint the walls like this and dying to paint the cabinets white...but probably won't anytime soon (sounds too much of a big project).



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