Thursday, July 14, 2011

Inspired by Beautiful Bedrooms

What lovely bedrooms. As tired as I've been lately, it would be soooo nice to catch some Z's in one of these cozy spaces.

So romantic....I picture this bedroom in a cute apartment in Paris. (via}

Beautiful, traditional and simple...I picture this bedroom in a Spanish Style home in Santa Barbara, Ca. {via lonny magazine}

Loving the exposed brick wall....picture this in a loft in Downtown L.A. or New York of course. {via pinterest}

And my favorite, beautiful bright reds really brighten this white space...I picture this bedroom in a farm house somewhere like in Poland for some reason lol. {via desire to inspire}

Sweet Dreams.
Thank Goodness it is almost the weekend



1 comment:

  1. Very cozy sleepy bedrooms. Could use one of them right now!