Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tamara Mellon's Breathtaking New York Apartment

So I finally had a chance to catch up on my Millionaire Decorators this weekend. Have you guys been watching? I am so hooked on this show...they are all fabulous. BUT did you watch last weeks episode? (yes I know there is one today...won't be watching till this weekend ugh). Oh My Goodness!!!!! Gorgeous Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon's New York apartment was featured in Harper's Bazaar..yes I know in 2010, little late but here is a reminder of how incredibly sexy this apartment is...and it should be at 30 million buckaroos.

Snakes?? Really?? Hey, works for me. Gorgeous!!

What a beautiful combination of colors. And I, of course, love the large photo art.

Upstairs living room. So cozy and chic...dream of some day being able to decorate in all white like this but it would just be a white canvas for my furry friends to go paw crazy on :-(

I love the bold pieces that were perfectly placed throughout the apartment.

I. Love. Love. Love. the Maison Jansen desk!!! That's all I have to say about this photo.

Love For Eternity. Nice welcome in the entry.

Tamara and her adorable daughter Minty.

Master Bedroom!!

1,000 pairs of shoes...yup...give me a second, I'm dreaming......

Okay, back to reality...but Boy! Oh! Boy! All those shoes!!!
Hope you enjoyed...Tamara is beautiful, sexy, talented, and one of the most inspiring women in this world. Who wants to go shopping at Jimmy Choo now??

Interior designer Martyn Lawrence-Bullard
photo credit: Douglas Friedman




  1. LOVE the closet, and most of the apartment however the snakes would make me want to jump out of my skin. That would not work for me for even a minute. Other than the snakes, the entire apt. is beautifully glamorous.