Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kitchen....All in the Rustic Details

Hi all ya lovely people. Been trying to enjoy the Summer...but I am still waiting for it. This weather has been a tad bit weird, cold and super gloomy. Hopefully we can get this Summer thing going soon. But on another note, I've been obsessing over kitchens...not entire kitchens, but the details. I love me a rustic, farm house-ish, well used kitchen with a bunch of details and just clutter. Yes! CLUTTER!! That beautiful, organized clutter that I have mentioned before. I sure do have a love/hate relationship with clutter. I love it because it can tell a story and it gives a space life, but I hate it because, sometimes, I feel like a hoarder and just want to rid of every little crap I have in my tiny little place. Anyway, back to this post and all it's lovely rustic kitchen detail glory. LOVE all of these images.



{images via marineboutron, outcamethesun, me (my shelf above the sink), hautefavesdeux, hidden cities, resolute woman, ikeafamilylive, pinterest}

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A headboard....and some cool mixed patterns

So I basically got tired of the headboard-less bed and decided to make me a headboard.

And I definitely took the easy route on this one. I found this gorgeous Scandinavian fabric on (the wonderful) Etsy site a few months back, used a curtain rod...

And Voila!

I mean, can't get easier than this. Instant chic, bohemian-ish headboard. I love the colors.

And I just love the mix of all of these patterns.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Night Out in Hollywood...Brandon & Leah

Happy Week!!! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. The babe and I actually went out on Saturday night. Late night. To watch this awesome duo perform.
They are Brandon & Leah and they performed at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood and I just had to go see them. I absolutely love their music...perfect Summer beachy tunes. Leah has such a soft, sweet, sexy voice. The entire band was amazing. So worth the late night. Here are some photos I was able to take. Gotta love them...they are such a gorgeous couple.

And here is a video of one of my favorite songs...Showstopper. Love it!!!


Thursday, July 11, 2013

Good Weather for a Good Read

Hey Loves! Been out of the blogging world for a bit...wish I had a good excuse, but no, it's just laziness. Or better yet, "Summer relaxing." The weather WAS good, now it's a little weird, we got rain yesterday and today and it's cloudy and humid...yuck (extra yuck for the hair). I have to say though that it's perfect weather for a good magazine read....check out the new LONNY issue that just came out this week. Gotta love this pretty magazine.