Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rugs in the Kitchen

So continuing with yesterday's kitchen theme...I wanted to post about rugs in the kitchen, specifically oriental/kilim rugs. LOVE them in kitchens, but of course I can't help but think "will they get dirty all of the time?" "would it be worth having them washed consistently if they do get dirty?" "How expensive of a rug would I really want to put in the kitchen?" and so on...BUT then I say "The warmth a beautiful rug adds to a kitchen would make all of the hassle well worth it" (I think). I am obsessed with the kitchen below (same picture I posted yesterday)...and it inspired me to write this post. What are you thoughts on having a rug in the kitchen?

{via High Gloss Mag.}

{via LONNY mag.}

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{via High Gloss Mag.}

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Kitchen Heaven

I love it when it starts getting warmer (like today) because I LOVE wearing white summery flowy clothes...white is one of my favorite colors, and I have always loved white interiors, especially kitchens and bathrooms. I recently came across Nicole's Me Oh My blog and absolutely adore it. I especially love her white's stunning and perfect in my eyes. Adding a splash of color to an all white kitchen makes it so fun...Nicole did it perfectly here. You must check out her blog.

{photo from Me Oh My blog}

Here are some more inspiring images of white kitchens....truly kitchen heaven!!
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{Via Southern Living}

{via Elle Decor}

{Amy Neunsinger}

{via High Gloss Magazine}

{Source unknown}

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On a side note...I am loving the blogging world. There are so many nice people that I have come across since I started this little blog. I am sure I will mention them (or have already) at some point in my posts, but today I want to thank Barbara Jordan Dettweiler from Haus Design for the mention on her blog today and for thinking my blog in wonderful. Stop by her blog, it is definitely wonderful as well :-)



P.S. Still new at this blogging and just noticed that my Facebook box is private and people who are not my friends on Facebook are not able to "like" my I have added a "Subscribe" button on the left. Please subscribe if you want to be notified when I post...thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pretty Colorful

Last week was my adorable God-daughter Ella's Spring show at, L'Heritage Francais, the little French school she attends. I bought Ella a "Spring Gift" (us God mothers invent occasions to give gifts haha) and loved the colorful gift wrapping idea I recently found over at Jordan Ferney's Oh Happy Day blog seen HERE. I thought this would be the perfect wrapping for Ella's gift. So to say that I went Yarn Happy is an understatement. I bought yarn in every color. How fun is this??

I also helped out by filling up a mason jar with yummy Oreo cookies covered in white chocolate for the fundraiser. I found Oreo molds of butterflies, bunnies, and sunflowers (perfect for Spring), filled half way with melted white chocolate, placed an Oreo, topped with more white chocolate, placed in fridge for a few minutes, lightly painted the cookies with shimmery food paints, and Voila! These cookies are so delicious and always a hit. If you live in L.A. county or Orange County, you can find everything I used HERE.

I, of course, used my happy colorful yarn to tie a tag to the jar and topped the jar with a bright flower I made of tissue paper :-)

And Ella is happy!! Love her to pieces.



Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ideas just for you my friend...and a little of my opinion :-)

This weekend I had a wonderful time meeting with my dear friend, Gloria, for lunch and a relaxing facial. I always love meeting with her, she is the sweetest person ever and not to mention so adorable. I am super excited for her because she is sooo close to getting her dream house. Over lunch she was telling me about things that she already started to purchase for the house and asked me for my thoughts and ideas for decorating around a leather sofa they purchased. Uh, I was stumped. Leather sofa? Not a big fan...they are sticky in the summer and cold in the winter and you slip-n-slide all over the damn thing AND if you have kids that are anywhere close to being the brat I was when I was a kid, they will punch holes with a pen all over the nice leather sofa because the "pop" sound is way cool. BUT I know many people like them and I think they can look great IF they are in the den or library/office space because they have that, um, 'prestigious regal I went to Harvard masculine' look to them (haha). But leather couches, if not dressed and partnered well, can also give that dreaded 'model home, too modern, cookie cutter, I bought it at the Target furnishing/decor section' look (no offense, I LOOOOVE Target and shop there ALL of the time but you know what I mean, I hope) Because I'm a fan of linen/cotton sofas (and velvet and corduroy), I really did not know what to tell my dear friend and secretly kinda wanted to convince her to return it, haha, but who am I to try to change her mind? This is her house we are talking about. I am positive that she will make her living room (actually den I hope) look fabulous and she an her husband will love every inch of their new home because they will make it about THEM and every space will tell a story of who they are, their passions, their history, and their love for each other.

Here are some interiors with leather sofas that I thought were pretty darn cool.
Hope this inspires you my dear friend:-) Click on Images to enlarge.

{via Elle Decor}

{via Emily Henderson blog}

{via Living etc.}

{ Via Living etc.}

And here are a few living rooms that do not have leather sofas, but are so very pretty and will inspire to make any room just as pretty as these :-)

{via Jeff Andrews}

{via Amy Meier}

{via Hillary Thomas}

{source unknown}

{via Living Etc.}

{Emily Henderson}

Now, I hope I didn't rub anyone the wrong way or offend anyone who has a leather sofa...this is just my opinion :-) I am sure anyone reading this who do have leather sofas have a fantastic eye for design :-) Any other opinions on leather sofas or ideas on how to decorate around a leather sofa?? Feedback wanted! :-)

On another note...I came home last night to a nice little package waiting for me.

My custom made camera bag that I talked about HERE. Love it. Now I don't have to carry that "not so chic" black bag :-)

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...Monday, here we go again.



Tuesday, March 22, 2011

P.S. I Made!!!

My Goodness Gracious!!!! I found the coolest DYI website! I was "flipping" thru the pages of RUE today and came across Erica Domesek creating a very cool sunburst mirror. So I go to her P.S. I Made This... website and was floored with all of the insanely cool DIY projects that she ever so cleverly comes up with.

A taste of what her DIY projects look like:

I love this bag...I really want to make it :-)

Check out the P.S. I Made This... for tons of ideas.



Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello Spring

So first day of Spring in L.A. wasn't so Springy...more like stormy rainy winter day. But I am looking forward to Spring...the flowers blooming, the warmer weather, celebrating my Birthday, and well hopefully no more rain. Inspired by bright colors, floral, and pretty lacey things today.

Tory Burch


Marc Jacobs

Also loving the brightness of interiors for Spring.

Kathryn Ireland

Was doing some semi-Spring cleaning today (since well it was raining and I had to cancel my trip to the Long Beach Flea market) and was thinking of throwing out these two tops that I haven't worn in a while.

Then I thought...Why don't I see how these pillows look with some added cheerful color for Spring.

Fit perfectly (well kinda)...

Nice touch if you want to quickly add some color to pillows if you are having guest over (I mean, hoping that they will not pick up the pillow and discover the back of it haha).
Just a thought a was playing with as I was cleaning out. Might end up keeping these two tops after all.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.