Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lovely Manuscrit Rug

Author Joaquim Ruiz Millet designed this amazing rug using a page from a book he was writing as inspiration, using his own hand writing, in his native Catalan. It's modern but yet it can be thrown in with an eclectic mix of styles and work beautifully. I love how it even looks on a wall as art.

If you are curious to see how much this beauty cost...go Here (notice how I didn't say if you are interested in purchasing haha)




  1. I'm kinda loving it as a wall hanging ...

  2. As art I adore it, as a rug not so much.

    Re: your pug art...
    That is the cutest idea ever!!

    Do you have a picture of your pictures you could show me?

  3. Hi Naomi, Don't have one...but I'll take one and send it your way :-)

  4. Truly amazing. Love the interiors you show with it.
    Mary Ann