Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hello Spring

So first day of Spring in L.A. wasn't so Springy...more like stormy rainy winter day. But I am looking forward to Spring...the flowers blooming, the warmer weather, celebrating my Birthday, and well hopefully no more rain. Inspired by bright colors, floral, and pretty lacey things today.

Tory Burch


Marc Jacobs

Also loving the brightness of interiors for Spring.

Kathryn Ireland

Was doing some semi-Spring cleaning today (since well it was raining and I had to cancel my trip to the Long Beach Flea market) and was thinking of throwing out these two tops that I haven't worn in a while.

Then I thought...Why don't I see how these pillows look with some added cheerful color for Spring.

Fit perfectly (well kinda)...

Nice touch if you want to quickly add some color to pillows if you are having guest over (I mean, hoping that they will not pick up the pillow and discover the back of it haha).
Just a thought a was playing with as I was cleaning out. Might end up keeping these two tops after all.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.



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  1. Hahha! The pillows are fantastic. Whenever I see a great print on a shirt, I always think to myself... That would be a great pillow!

    I think it's obvious where my passion lies, and its not fashion.