Thursday, March 3, 2011

My New Camera Bag :-)

I have been wanting a nice, stylish, unique camera bag for a while now. I'm not fond of my basic black backpack style bag that came with my camera because, well I look like a tourist. Plus it's obvious that I am carrying a fancy camera when I'm with the black heavy duty bag (although it would be better for vacations because of it's sturdiness, but again, it's obvious what I am carrying, Ugh). So in my search of a "cool" bag, I came across PORTEEN GEAR . The designer of these bags, Robyn Porteen (who is also a photographer) is awesome and makes these beautiful chic, rustic looking bags...and you can design your own too.

Here is what I put chose for my bag:

The Fabric: Old World Fan (this was a tough choice, so many gorgeous fabric)

The Leather: Distressed Saddle.

The waxed water repellent canvas: Tan.

The strap: Brown.

The interior: Flame.

Here is what it will look like....of course with my options, but just so you have an idea.

I should be getting it in a few weeks...excited!!

Hope you all had a wonderful week :)




  1. That is going to be the most stylin camera bag ever!!

  2. I just saw you link to your blog in a comment on Holly's and decided to visit. I stumbled on this post...and this is amazing! Thanks for sharing this. My husband and I are Digital Cinema students (I'm minoring in graphic design), and this would just be an amazing graduation present this May for our canon 7D! I'm excited to order one now too, and I bet yours will be rockin' :)