Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just Playing with my new lens...

For some time now (since I got my Canon camera last year) I have been wanting a new lens so I can get sharper images. I was so indecisive whether I should get the 50mm 1.8 or the 50mm 1.4. So, Yesterday I decided to just go for it and get the Canon 50mm f1.4 USM. I figured, well if I want to get better photos for my blog (and overall) I should invest in a lens that is good quality, right? Actually, what I really want is a wide angle lens because I would love to start touring homes and taking photos of interiors for all of you to enjoy....but Holy Moly! are those wide angle lenses expensive.
Anyway, I started playing around with my new lens today and here is what I am loving about it: It's a pretty sturdy, lightweight, good quality lens. It takes very sharp images with amazing bokeh. It takes great pictures in low light. And I'd say it's pretty fast. The only cons I have found so far is that I am not used to a fixed lens, so having to get close to or farther from the subject is a little annoying and the other thing is that I am not able to get really close to subjects, even with manual focusing, to get super detailed images (but I guess that's what the macro lens is for, right?). But I would say, overall, I am pretty happy with it...hopefully with more use I can still say the same :-)

Now, I am no professional photographer by any means, nor do I try to be, but I love taking photographs and I appreciate the beauty and creativity behind it...not to mention great respect for professional photographers. Here are some of the photos I took with my f1.4 lens (was limited as I didn't leave my house today ha!)

First photo with the 1.4 lens. A big red bird statue that Peter and I found and love's quite comical. Photo taken at night with bad lighting.

Root Beer. Photo taken at night.

Cross and tiny skull.

Buddha face and a succulent.

Rings...didn't mean to do this but I am liking all of the blur and the effect around the rings.

A woman from Mexico from my collection...there is a window behind her and plants outside.

Stacked books with a rosary I bought in Argentina.

From another angle.

And another angle.

A fun book with orange edges.

Fabric and trim I recently purchased to make pillows.

Mineral rock.

My good luck little friend.

I normally LOVE to go into photoshop and start playing with the contrast and lighting, but I wanted to show the true effect of the lens so I stayed away from photoshop. I'd say the images came out pretty good (again, keep in mind I am not a pro). Can't wait to take more photos and really get the hang of it.

Any thoughts on this or other lens'? Any tips on photo taking? Tips about this lens? I always love feedback.

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend...I am actually excited about tomorrow because I just called in and I DON'T have to report for jury duty tomorrow :-)



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  1. Beautiful rosary.....i also have a rosary stacked on books in my living room. Ive had it there since i moved in & never moved it. :))))
    Have a great week.