Saturday, July 2, 2011

Peonies...You Are So Pretty!

Peonies are such pretty flowers, their different shades of pink make them so dreamy and perfectly whimsical for decor. I have been seeing them all over the blogs lately, at Trader Joe's, local flower markets...maybe I can come around to buying some this weekend :-) {via MK Photo Studios}

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Here are some ideas from Home and Garden Ideas for decorating with Peonies and ensurinig they last looking their prettiest

Peony Water Bowls

To create a beautiful peony water bowl arrangement, you'll need one or several shallow, round bowls made of clear or lightly tinted glass. Ideally, these should have a wide opening and be fairly large—at least the same circumference as a basketball, if not larger. Fill the bowl 1/3 full of water. Next, use scissors or pruning shears to cut the stems from peonies right below the flower. Gently rest the peonies on top of the water face up. For a romantic effect, place tea candles around the bowl.

Country Chic Ball or Mason Jar

If you have a cute, antique Mason or Ball Jar, this is the perfect vase for your peonies. The older jars that are slightly blue tinted add even more of a country touch to this simple arrangement. Cut the peony stems to seven or eight inches—two or three flowers should be plenty. Fill the Mason jar half full of water and arrange peonies within. Add baby's breath or another filler if desire.

Stacked Peony Centerpiece

For a beautiful spring table, make a stacked peony centerpiece. Cut the stems from a dozen or more peonies and arrange in a circle on a plate. Stack the peonies, blooms facing upward, until a pyramid effect is achieved. Use other darker colored flower petals, such as pansies, roses or daffodils, to create accents among the stack.

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  1. My favorite flower!

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  2. I did not realize Trader Joes has them-I am going to head over there-they were everywhere in the markets of Paris this time of the year.