Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keri Russell's Beautiful Manhattan Co-op

For those of you that missed the Keri Russel home tour on Elle Decor recently, here it is. It's absolutely perfect. And how cute is her family?

Beautiful chandelier makes this space very chic.

The natural elements in this simple room really make it cozy. Obsessed with bedside table.

How dreamy...even the not so perfectly lined up sweaters :-)

Not much in to baths, but I can probably sit in this chair for hours with my feet up on the tub lol.

Cute and simple, and there is that gorgeous chandelier again.

Chocolate cabinets...and a simple hanging light bulb. I'd want to cook every day if I had this kitchen :-)

So what did you think?? Is it your style? Would you live here?

Design Shane Deary
Photos William Waldron



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