Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Fashionistas and Three Months of Love

I love fashion, so it's no surprise when I say that I have big fashion plans for my little heart 3 month old niece (oh how time flies). My sister will most likely give a funny eye to the "hippie" inspired rags I'll want (and most likely buy) for the little love bug. Oh how fun it is to be a girl.

Here are some super well dressed little ones that inspire any adult to dress better. I mean, seriously? C'mom!

If I'm able to get away with it, this will most likely be the look on little Nikki's face. LOL! And yes, I so would (too funny).

Anyway, we've been capturing every month using these cute monthly onesie stickers I found on Etsy. It's pretty cool to see her change from month to month...she gets more and more beautiful by the day. Love being an auntie.

A few hours old.

And the first 3 months.

Here they are all in one.

Excited to have a 4 day weekend to just do...nothing. Any big plans for this holiday weekend?



{images from minirodini, jenren, kidsfashionlove, lylaandblu, thenletitbe}

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yummy Ice Cream Bars

So with the weather being hot, then cool(er), then hot again, what better than a nice cold treat. I got the recipe from HERE and tried it over the weekend. I was pretty pleased with the results...mix of sweet crunchy nutty yumminess. I have to say, these sure have been a sweet compliment to the babe's delicious dinners. Hope everyone is having a fabulous week.



{images by me}

Friday, August 24, 2012

I Love L.A.

Decided to take a few Fridays off this month, just for fun, to hang out, sleep in, and not get so burned out with work. It's all about self care, right? Well today we decided to explore beautiful L.A. The plan was to drive to USC which is a short distance from the heart of L.A., park there and take the metro to Downtown and explore by foot. It started off as a beautifully cool day (compared to a few days ago), however that quickly changed the more we walked. Anyway, I wanted to share a little of what we explored today as we walked through USC and Downtown Los Angeles. Images via my Instagram and my little Sony camera...I didn't use the fancy camera because Downtown and riding the metro in L.A. can be, oh, let's just say a little shady. Okay, but I should add that Downtown is really changing for the better. There is so much more to do now and many people are not just working in downtown, but also living there now. So many cool lofts, restaurants, hip and chic places to hang out, and not to mention home to the Staples center (Hello Lakers, Kings, and Grammys), and the Nokia theatre (where tons of concerts are held). I would love to live in downtown someday.

So from the start. Here is USC. This campus is amazingly beautiful. Now I know why there is so much school pride with my friends that attended USC (aside from of course it being a highly ranked academic institution). It was funny being there on the day the freshmen were getting their orientation, 18 year olds all over the place. Oh I felt so old.

Metro ride to Downtown.

The Standard Hotel and rooftop bar. Going to this place brought back fun memories of my younger partying days. Used to hang out here all the time.

Here are a few pictures of all of the buildings in downtown. They are quite impressive. I just wish there were more.

The new Grand Park. It's a few blocks long, suppose to be kinda like a central park, but not really. Let's just say the park is in it's first phase of development (basically the trees are still seedlings, boo. I will be back in 20 years). The water fountain was pretty's a walk thru (ooh fun). Notice the bright pink benches? Very cool. AND there is a starbucks in there...major points.

Rubble at the MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Walt Disney Concert Hall

My Favorite church in all of L.A. It's gorgeous.

And a few photos I turned black and white of the old buildings in L.A.

Hope yo enjoyed your tour of L.A. I'm about to rest these little feet of mine...the walking just about killed them. Have a beautiful weekend.



{All images by me}