Thursday, August 9, 2012

I Wish for Brown Hair

So I have been dying my own hair, oh, since the young age of about 12. Yup, remember the good ol' Sun-In??

Loved that shit. I would spray it like there was no tomorrow and then go out to my backyard and sit there, waiting for my hair lighten the "natural" way. I am laughing just thinking of it. Then there was rubbing lemon on my hair. Oh, and let me also tell you my other "natural" method of pouring beer on my hair to also "lighten" it. Ah yes, good times. I swear I didn't drink the beer, I mean, I was only about 14 years old. In high school I experimented with red(ish) hair...oh you all should see my graduation day pictures, hair was like a bright burgundy lol. I finally dyed it black about 13 years ago, and never went back. I actually tried to go brown again when my roots started coming out, but no one told me black was pretty impossible to dye over, so there I was on my first date with my babe with super light brown roots (from the new dye) and the bottom half black (didn't catch the new color.) Good thing he didn't notice (one of those few times you are happy guys don't notice the little things.)

So, now here I am really really craving brown hair again. This time I am going to a pro. I am super nervous because to strip black out of hair, it needs to be bleached and then dyed brown...YIKES!!! It's going to be a long process to say the least, but I am excited for a fresh look. I do, however, think that black is just a color that goes best with my skin color as well as my dark eye brows (hence why I can't go too light). I just want to get this "I really want brown hair" off my chest. So wish me luck, appointment is tomorrow.

Here is the inspiration that I will be showing my lovely hair stylist Sarah (who cuts my babe's hair, too).

Loving this beautiful brown on Katie Holmes. Gorgeous!

And this stunning chocolate brown.

Oh My! Then there is this. Absolutely gorgeous. Very subtle highlights. I likey.

I really wish I could do this...but again...eyebrows too dark :-(

So lets see if I don't have to shave my head (guess if my hair is fried from the bleach it will be a good excuse to do it, from THIS post). Oh, and don't expect picture...not into taking self portraits of myself (only of half face as seen on instagram) haha I'll figure a way to show my new strands.



{all images via my Pinterest "Future Hair Love" board}


  1. Miss Iris,

    Now that's not fair! You know we would love to see the finished product full face. Sigh...I guess we will just have to be happy with half snapshots. I love the brown with the highlights...very pretty.

    I'm excited for you!!!

  2. I didn't know this about black hair. I wonder, if you dye your hair black, won't the natural color come back eventually? I am a natural brunette, but there was a time when I was young when I had blonde streaks through it. I hope you get the hair of your dreams.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley