Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Fashionistas and Three Months of Love

I love fashion, so it's no surprise when I say that I have big fashion plans for my little heart 3 month old niece (oh how time flies). My sister will most likely give a funny eye to the "hippie" inspired rags I'll want (and most likely buy) for the little love bug. Oh how fun it is to be a girl.

Here are some super well dressed little ones that inspire any adult to dress better. I mean, seriously? C'mom!

If I'm able to get away with it, this will most likely be the look on little Nikki's face. LOL! And yes, I so would (too funny).

Anyway, we've been capturing every month using these cute monthly onesie stickers I found on Etsy. It's pretty cool to see her change from month to month...she gets more and more beautiful by the day. Love being an auntie.

A few hours old.

And the first 3 months.

Here they are all in one.

Excited to have a 4 day weekend to just do...nothing. Any big plans for this holiday weekend?



{images from minirodini, jenren, kidsfashionlove, lylaandblu, thenletitbe}


  1. I can see you now, that niece of yours will be on the list of the 10 best dressed babies! HAH She is adorable, just beautiful. I bet you are a wonderful aunt! :)

    Have a nice relaxing holiday weekend. :)♥

  2. Oh she is an absolute doll!!! And DUDE, these kids dress better than I do. Not cool (c; Have a fantastic weekend!