Monday, August 20, 2012


Happy week! I hope you all had a beautiful weekend. Mine consisted of running on a beautiful Saturday morning admiring the scenery, baking, cooking (the babe), cleaning, hanging out with my boys, changing things around the place, and the usual Sunday night movie while doing my nails in bed :-) Here it is according to my phone.

Oh, and I finally rolled out the new chevron rug...and yes that is Porky already eating a carrot on it. Oy! I'm giving it a week...I can feel a poo-poo/pipi accident coming(did I just jinx myself?)




  1. Sounds like you had a busy weekend! I love the chevron rug. I have an oriental rug that my dog (since passed) use to love to lay on. I was always worried she would pull a thread or get sick on it. It never happened but I still worried. HAH