Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shaved Beauties

Ever thought of shaving your head? I sure have. And I brought it up to my hun yesterday (for the one thousand time)and he said "do it!" Yikes! For years, I have had an itch to shave my head...and the thought usually comes up when I am straightening my loooong hair and finish needing another shower because I am sweating so much, ugh. Hmm, I wonder what I would look like? What if I don't like it? OMG, what if I have a roach looking birthmark on my head that I don't know about (bad enough I have a ginormous B-mark on my arm that people always stare at). I don't think I have the bolitas to do it, at least not any time soon, but had to look up some shaved beauties for inspiration.

{images via Pinterest, google, ellegirl, and stray hair}

Hope you all had a lovely weekend




  1. Iris,

    I definitely would not like my head shaved!!! My ears would probably stick out and I think you have to have just the right bone structure to wear a shaved head! All the girls in the photos you selected look really good without hair with the exception of image just doesn't fit the shape of her face or head. LOL

    Have a great week!!!xoxo

  2. I have thought about it too but I do not think I am down to do it

  3. Hi
    My name is Jacqueline, and I have had buzzcuts many times, you should go through with your inner emotions, don't live another day wishing, just do it.
    I waited far too long for my first clipper cut, I have grown it out a few times but have always returned to my favourite style a no 2 buzz, I have only had my head shaved bald, wet shaved ( no hair ) once, for the experience, it was great but the crew cut look suits me better. My advice don't wait, cut off your hair, you will love the look and even more the feel. All the best Jackie