Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An Adoption Event....and a little Dog Love IV.

This weekend is the Best Friends Super Adoption Event at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. My hun and I will be there helping out again with Pug Nation Rescue of L.A. and I am super excited to help find little puggies a forever home. If you are interested in a pug, come on by this Saturday and Sunday. Be prepared to be interviewed and open to learning about pugs and the special care they require. We like to know what kind of lifestyle you live in order to find out if a pug is the best fit for you and a home visit is required (I know, it's totally like adopting a child...we want to know everything). Pugs are SUPER lovable dogs, but they are very mellow (well except my Sammy who we swear has springs as legs) and aren't active-let's go for a jog- or walk in hot weather kind of dogs. They require a lot of attention, like lots of kisses, cleaning of their "wrinkles," more kisses, expressing of anal glands (sooo smelly), and lots of vacuuming (they shed like crazy). Peter actually makes home cooked meals for Porky and Sammy daily, which has incredibly helped with the shedding and Porky's fur even feels like velvet (not kidding).
My baby Porky Pug (The Porkster)
The sweet Sammy Baby
"The monkeys" giving daddy kisses.
And now on to the very fitting Dog Love series. I love the "Dog Love" posts, probably my favorite here on my blog. There is nothing like a little (or big) best friend to make the home feel cozier and complete. Check out Dog Love I, II, and III if you missed them.
Total Cuteness!
{images via Grant K. Gibson, Apartment Therapy,, Country Living, Cotedetexas} So, if you are looking to adopt a sweet pooch and are in the L.A. area, you must stop by this event to check out ALL of the dogs (and cats) that will be HERE. XOXO, Iris


  1. Having had two dogs one a mix terrier/lab and the other lab/retriever I am all to familiar with expressing the anal glands...My second dog had to have hers removed because they weren't completely formed (lucky me). My first dog was entirely a different matter. You're so smelly!!

    You're dogs are really sweet looking and I hope you find homes for all the pugs out there looking for one!

  2. aww i wanna go see the doggies

  3. Who will grow beasts to love - is able to fall in love with everyone!