Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My New Addiction

This is going to be a crazy busy week, with my sister's baby shower on Saturday (please don't rain) I just have not had time to tend to my little blog here...oh poo!! Just wanted to say hi...and share a quick photo I took using my new addiction...Instagram. Yes I know, a little late, but I am not an iPhone user and I just found that it is available for Androids (YAY). But like I really need something more to get hooked on...as if Pinterest isn't enough right?

Took this photo in Brentwood...the most gorgeous street I have EVER seen. The trees are just incredible. There is nothing more beautiful than a street full of trees (I once ran out and begged a neighbor not to cut down a gorgeous tree...the asshole still did), now the street is forever ruined (ok a bit much, but thats how I feel about trees haha).

Be back soon...hopefully sooner than later.




  1. Oh WOW! It looks like a huge eye looking into the world of trees! Great image! I've heard a lot about Instagram but haven't checked it out as of yet.

    I am praying that you don't have any rain on the day of your baby shower! Have fun!

  2. so gorgeous! and hope you have fun!

    xoxo from nyc & http://www.the-beautiful-things.com/