Monday, November 15, 2010

Little Garden Inspiration

So this weekend I was inspired (for some weird reason) to garden...well not like garden out in a garden, more like plant plants for the indoors :) I've mentioned this before, but I LOVE having greens inside the house. It really gives the space that Oomph it needs to brighten it and make it feel refreshing. I hope I don't end up killing any plants...Peter is the one with the green thumb (I swear he can keep plants alive for YEARS, well actually he'll kill them and miraculously bring them back to life haha).
So, I was on the search for this...a foxtail fern (also known as Asparagus fern). I love how green it is and heard that it's hard to kill, Ah-ha...perfect right? Well we'll see. I re-pot it in a pretty ceramic black pot because I like the contrast of the green and black.

Once at the nursery, of course I saw other little plants that had to come home with me. Like this cute Sellangenella moss. (Picked up photo in the background in Thailand, reminds me of when my mom used to bathe me as a kid ha!)

Found it's home in my bathroom :)

And I was also inspired to create my own...bought some Bicolor, mother's fern, neanthabella, and baby tears. Then added some other plants from my garden to make it nice and full.
And Viola!!! Here it is!! {sorry for the bad photos, lighting was off}

On a the coffee table with some books and bowl with walnuts (we like to watch TV and crack them walnuts)

SO, a little bit more of lovely inspiration I found...

Enjoy your week



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