Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Parents room make over

So, my parent room needed some serious TLC. It was very...well Blah. I was finally allowed to kick them out for a few days to get my hands on it, with the condition that I wouldn't make a drastic make over and would use things they already had. UGH, no fun right? Well, I made it work with what they had (well some things) and of course saved them some money. I don't think much was done, but it definitely made the room more cheerful and romantic...and less Blah :-)

Here it is before....

another before, that book case was driving me nuts.

So with a little bit of paint (Behr Classic Taupe)...

a little help...

a little shopping (so of course I was going to shop)...

some good finds...

and a little prep work...

HERE is the final result :-) I left the window treatments the same (just styled differently) went to the garage and found their old comforter which I like much better than the brown one they had. And the only think I bought was the Head board...since they didn't have one. I initially wanted to make them one, uh but never got around to it and I don't think they trusted me in making a head board haha (I swear I can make one, I know I can...I mean how hard can it be right?)

I have always loved this telephone table (always thought it was an old school desk haha) My mom wanted to get rid of it, and I said "oh no no no, it's staying" I guess I can always take it for myself later :-)

I brought "Las Meninas" by Diego Velazquez from Museo Prado in Madrid last year and had it stashed because I couldn't find a place for it. So how perfect does it look in my parent's bedroom.

This dresser with mirror used to be mine when I was a kid, and I think it was dark wood. It was painted white a while back and obviously needs another paint job, but I still think it looks good.

I love this old bedside pitcher and bowl....been in the family for years.

Sitting area.

Swan hooks I found at Anthropologie :-)

How different does the book case look?? I wanted a cheerful splash of color so I went with red. Those are all of my moms momentos, which really personalizes and makes this space unique.

Very old jewelry case belongs to my aunt... with some books.

and here is the extra TV that I gave them for an anniversary (because every marriage needs 2 TV's right?). I am not a fan of TV's in bedrooms at all, but hey...this is not my bedroom. The framed drawing above the TV I remember seeing in pictures of me when I was a baby. Love that we still have it.

So in the end, I think it turned out better that I used things that they already had and I didn't go out on this huge shopping spree. It makes the room special, with many memories and heirlooms that carry a story of who they are. Remember my last post??



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