Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Another online fabulous magazine...I can be hours on the computer "flipping" through the pages of LONNY. Here are some shots and what I love....
LOVE the blue glasses.

LOVE the black mirror.

Gasp!! LOVE the table, oh my!

LOVE the rug.

LOVE the fur...faux I hope.

LOVE the ceramic cockatiel statues on the mantel.

LOVE the blown up photos...too cute.

LOVE the antique cast iron bed.

LOVE the twins...ha. How adorable are they? (house of Lulu De Kwiatkowski)

Ooooh...LOVE the Black and White photos and the drawer chests on each side.

The twins again...ok, but I do LOVE the "Noah's Ark" on the wall. ....but go here to check out the rest



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