Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh Baby!!!

Yay! I can finally post about nurseries and adorable baby things. Nope, not pregnant...but I am going to be an auntie for the first time, so technically that gives me the okay to blog about a bunch of baby mumbo jumbo without looking like a crazy ;-) I am so excited that my beautiful sister is expecting her first baby. Her and her hubs are ecstatic and I couldn't be happier for them. Of course, I called dibs on helping decorate the nursery. She has already chosen yellow as the wall colors (hoping to change her mind by posting a crap load of gorgeous nurseries). We'll see how this goes, she has more of a traditional "modern" style as opposed to my bohemian, vintage, quirky, funky with a bit of modern style...so I may have to bite my tongue a lot in the process haha.
So, to start I wanted to go with BIG style...Elle Decor style. Get inspired Big Sister. Yellow Walls?

Well, how about a striped yellow and white ceiling?? Love this nursery. The black wall is so-not-traditional for a nursery.

How beautiful is this nursery? Love the colors...and those stuffed animals are just adorable.

Love the pops of coral. I really really like coral in nurseries.

Wow!! one word...Royalty!! And, well of course, my little niece/nephew is going to be all royalty.

My Oh My!!! Gorgeous!! Love all of the details. So unexpected for a nursery and I love that. I love to see nurseries catered to moms too, because after all, they spend hours on end in there (yes, I know dads...you do too bla bla bla).

And I saved the BEST for last ( well at least for me). I LOVE THIS!!!! Sooo my style. Talk about sensory overload for the poor child haha. Thinking of having a nursery like this at my place for when the baby is visiting (ok now I'm talking crazy).

So this is only the beginning of my baby madness...can't wait to find more inspiration. And I can't wait to start shopping for the little one. He/she is going to be one spoiled baby.



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  1. That last photo is defininately YOUR style! LOL You are going to have soooo much fun. Everything you see know will relate to babies!! HA I've been there and done that! It is so much fun.

    I had a dedicated "nursery" in my home that I decorated for my first grandchild AAANNNDD I also babysat him his first 13 months of life!

    Fun, Fun, fun!