Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Chocolate Covered Oreo Yumminess

I make these every easy...and OH so good. They are extra sweet. And the Oreo is a nice surprise when you bite into this decadent treat.
Here is all you need. White or milk chocolate chips (the good kind), Oreos, sprinkles or glitter to decorate, and Oreo molds (not pictured).

And Voila! You get delicious chocolate covered Oreos that will be the hit of any holiday party.

You can decorate how you like...or leave plain.

Blue glitter for the snowflake to pop.

These make cute gifts too.

Mix of white and milk chocolate.

Hope everyone enjoyed the (cold) weekend.

{all images by Me}




  1. Well, it looks like somebody (and I won't mention any names) as taken a bite out of an oreo in the last image? I wonder who that was? LOL

    This looks like a great recipe...almost to pretty to eat! Now I'm hungry! My granddaughter would love these...she is an oreo eater(only the middle BUT if covered in chocolate she just might eat the whole thing!) HA.

  2. These look so cute and very delicious! Can't
    wait to try a few ; )

  3. these look AMAZING! man, i love chocolate covered oreos!

  4. oh my...theses are beautiful and yummy! Oreos are the BEST.