Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Mantel...Layer by Layer

I decided I would not be a total scrooge this year (like I was last year) and would at least decorate some to get into the holiday spirit.
So here is what I did. Layer by layer.

Eeeek!!!! Total bare mantel. I hate that the vent is right smack over the mantel. Who decides to put their vent over the mantel. Worse thing is that over the summer is can't be covered up because it's in use most of the time...blah.

So, the first layer is to cover that damn vent.

Then add some greenery and, for now, this old white feather wreath I've had for years (usually goes out on our front door). My plan is to put up another wreath that is not quite done at this point (you'll see below).

Next layer is to add accessories, such as these cute jars I made.

And a night time photo with more garland added, lights, Santa's on each side, and more accessories up top. Pretty simple. Wanted to tone it down this year, compared to previous years where I would fill the mantel with snow and pretty much a whole town.

So I had the idea to make a wreath of black and white photos from Christmas throughout the years. And I really liked it as I was making it, but then I put it up. Hmmm....too small and a little blah to me.

Still not convincing me from this angle either because it looks too small.

So, I layered it with the feather wreath to give it more pizazz.

What do you think? Layered or not layered? Look closely to check out the pictures of me when I was a munchkin.

Here is the final (or not) at night.

Added that poinsettia last minute (as we had to bring them from outside due to 80mph winds we were having)

So for the details

Aren't these jars A-DOR-ABLE?!?!? Originally from Anthropologie, but found the idea HERE and just had to make my own. Super easy to make and I love how they look. Have some in my office too.

And I also wrapped yarn on a couple of Styrofoam cones for these simple trees...added some red berry detail and Voila!!!

One of the vintage Santas below.

I also put these over our huge mirror.

And lastly, one of the things I always put up is this little vignette of a family welcoming Santa and just having a good ol' jolly time. My mom bought it years ago. I love it.

I mean, how cute is the little dog??

Ok...that's it, done with this mantel business. Ha Ha!

It's the weekend...get excited!!



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  1. Well done my friend! I am diggin' it. Now come over and put some pizazz into my place :o)

    -Alex T