Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Little Rorschach Inspired Art

So I finally got to framing the fun rorschach-like paintings I mentioned HERE. Painted some inexpensive white frames gold and Voila!
Man do I love to paint...once I start there is no stopping me. I am so drawn to the old rorschach ink blot tests...I can imagine psychologists using these and coming to their conclusions about someones personality and thinking. Don't worry, I don't use them myself, I think my patients would laugh at me haha.
Anyway, here are my versions of the Rorschach. Thinking of actually putting them up in my office (maybe indirectly I may find out some interesting things about my patients lol).

This first one was a test for mixing colors on smaller paper and I love how it came out, looks like wings :-)

Ok this is not a Rorschach, but was playing around and went a little crazy here. Not a big fan of it myself (yes, I am my worse critic)...maybe a giveaway?? The colors are actually amazing in person...metallics with neon-ish pink and blue.

{all images and art by me}



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  1. I find myself loving image #3. Their all different but I really like # 3. It reminds me of a Spanish lady in a long skirt getting ready to dance! LOL

    My grandson loves to paint abstract paintings and has been pretty creative. Nothing like getting a painting from him on a special occasion!