Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Baskets in Decor

I love baskets. They bring a natural feel to any room. We (my sis and I) decided that we wanted to incorporate baskets into the nursery for storage of toys, books, blankets, and the like. I went on a search yesterday for some, oh so many to choose from (and pretty pricey too). Waiting on a couple to go on sale to make the purchase. Check out the images below for inspiration, I mean, baskets can be used for just about anything. Love them!

{images via Elle decor, Decor Pad, Desire to Inspire, diy-home-tips, awelltraveledwoman, amysackrison.tumblr.com, amydmorris.




  1. I agree. I love baskets and use them for towels in my bathroom, in my bathroom cabinets to hold make-up, and other bathroom items, in my closet for belts, scarves, etc. You can never have to many baskets!

  2. I use baskets everywhere! It helps if they all look the same and you can move them around as much as you like - they will still go together! :)