Sunday, February 5, 2012

Tuft Tuft

So there are a few things on my mind lately regarding interiors. Two of which are sofas and tufting. Yesterday we went to Downtown L.A. and I bought a yummy cobalt blue velvet fabric to upholster a wood bench that I have (holding a ton of books right now)...and I am thinking of trying my first hand at tufting (Oh boy, wish me luck). Anyway, we also really really need a sofa BAD. The honey bear likes to throw himself on the sofa like a wrestler (or little kid) and totally broke it, UGH.
The problems, 1) our beach place is tiny...I mean T*I*N*Y. So we need to get one that will look good in a small space, not take over the entire living room, but still make a statement. 2) Peter is like a BIG kid, so who is to say that he will not break it AGAIN. 3) We have dogs that shed like crazy. 4) If we opt for a sofa with tufts, will the dog hair (and cookie crumbs) gather in the tufts?
Oh, but I just can't get over the chesterfield-ish, tufted, chunky, comfy, big sofas.

Here is what is making my heart beat just a little faster....enjoy :-)

Gorgeous leather sofa. Not a big fan of leather sofas, but this one is stunning. {Via Mike McDowell for Pinterst}.

What a beautiful blue. The tufts really stand out. Definitely a statement piece. {via}

Another statement piece. Gorgeous!!! {via}

And one of my favorite spaces by Emily Henderson. This sofa is absolutely stunning...and big, so definitely not an option for us :-( Plus it's a vintage found at a flea and re-upholstered. {via stylebyemilyhenderson}

Another no go for us, but isn't this sofa so pretty and girly? I just love it. {via}

And again...a no go (imagine dogs and a big kid all over this white sofa, no thank you). Loving the extra tall back on the sofa. {via decor pad}.

This is probably my 2nd all time favorite space by Emily Henderson. Super cool sofa. I can definitely see myself sitting on this baby. {via Emily Henderson}

It's usually solids that I see tufted, so stripes is a pleasant surprise. Very Elegant. {via decor pad}

Now this would be PERFECT. Look how tiny this sofa is. I love it. Maybe in a mustard velvet better, still not fond of the leather. {via}

I am really really liking this sofa. Perfect chunkiness all around for the chunky pug to hang out on the arms and back :-) He loves that. {via apartment therapy}

What a gorgeous space. {via apartment therapy}

Another favorite that could possible work for us. And it's manly enough. {via trendey blog}

Beautifully elegant. So dreamy. {source unk.}

So what do you think? Any tips for purchasing an awesome wow Holy sh*t where did you get that sofa? sofa but that will hold a Big kids playfullness, dogs, dog hair, and possibly...just maybe some ice cream spillage (ok, that would be from me).

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend :-)




  1. currently has a very cute tufted leather sofa it comes on brown or NAVY blue and the price is a steal !

  2. I think it is really hard to select a sofa. When I have had to do that, it has left me totally confused. There are so many styles and sizes out there.

    I've never had a tufted sofa but did have a gorgeous linen chair that had a tufted back with those darling little wheels on the legs. I adored that chair but had to sell it because we moved into a smaller place and I had no room for it. Sigh...

    I can't wait to see your bench in the blue velvet fabric. Don't forget to show us.♥

  3. iris - YES the tufts will collect everything you can think of BUT if you just do the tufts on the back + no the seat cushions you will be just fine. pick a velvet or a pattern that doesn't show dirt so much (or a cut velvet pattern). something with pattern or a bold color will fill the space nicely + make it feel more lively (thus a bit bigger!) hope that helps - let me know if i can point you in a certain direction...

    ps - i had trouble posting this through my wordpress so i apologize if it posts a few times...