Monday, March 26, 2012

ChalkBoard Art

Sorry I have been missing from the blogging world lately, super busy hand making just about every freaking decoration for my sister's baby shower...but what can I say? Love doing this kind of stuff, but I am taking a little break to keep me sane.

So today, let's talk Chalk......
I used to love doodling on the chalk board in school....who didn't, right? Chalkboards are everywhere now...with the chalkboard paint being so popular, you can basically turn anything into a "chalk board." My favorite is probably the Chalkboard refrigerator. Love how Lauren turned her fridge into a fun place for her kiddos to hang out and be creative or "stay busy" while mommy cooks :-)

So now, check out this chalkboard art that I am loooooving. So wish I could do this for my sister's baby shower. A welcome sign would be perfect. Hmm, maybe (oh crap, just gave myself more to do).

Dana Tanamachi outdoes herself with her beautiful chalkboard signs....seen EVERYWHERE lately. I mean...scroll down....yup, that's her work on "O" with the one and only Oprah besides Dana's work. Very cool.

Love this sign done for a wedding by CJ Hughes of

Beautiful, the detail is insane. Wish I knew who created this to credit....let me know if anybody knows.

Cute for a little boys room....from

Beautiful pomegranates done by Yoremi Campos

My fellow Starbucks lovers....any of you notice the cool chalkboard art in there? I love it.

Have a great week...(will try my best to post more this week.)




  1. I love the looks of chalkboards not to mention the practicality of using them. I love to see them used in ornate frames.

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