Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Mini Easter Cake

Phewwwww-weeeee!!! It's been a while...lets just say ALL of March was a bit stressful and I was just not in the mood to sit and think and blog. But it's all good now and I am back with some Easter yumminess. What perfect way to torture myself when I have given up all sweets for lent, right?! (4 more days and I am sooo binging on my babes homemade donuts.) But for now, at least my guy gets to enjoy this delicious mini layered x3 german chocolate cake, sprinkled with coconut and topped with cute little chocolate eggs. Oh it did smell so very good and I heard it taste good too.

Obviously I was not into making (or taking good pictures of) Easter treats like I was last year when I made THESE. Having given up on sweets was a bit of a "lets get creative" downer.


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