Monday, July 19, 2010

Some good finds

I dind't find exactly what I was looking for (I so wanted to find lamps, a chair, and an end table) but I found some small cool things. The day was so hot, but Peter was such a patient (well atleast after he ate).

My assistant

Were tempted to buy some cool vintage style signs, but we decided we really didn't need them right now (good job to us)

Love these jars/vases...close to what I had been looking for.

So many drawer knobs to pick from.....


Peter really liked this huge Dictionary

So I came home with these...couldn't decide so I picked 2 sets.


Displayed Mason jar in the background

Will definitely hit this fleamarket again in the future.




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  2. That was a fun morning!

    We just need to bring more COLD water next time!