Sunday, June 12, 2011

Star sightings...well BRAVO t.v. stars that is

What can I say....I love L.A. Peter and I were both born and raised in Los Angeles and never ever get tired of exploring the city. We often drive around different neighborhoods, cruise up and down the Pacific Coast, make our way through winding canyon roads, all while making stops at Starbucks on the way (can't live without my Starbucks) :-) So with all of this exploring, of course, we are bound to bump into a few celebs here and there right? Well, maybe not Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (at least not yet). But those reality show stars?? Not so hard to find.

Such as Lisa VanderPump....STUNNING in person. I mean, this woman is FABULOUS!!!! Want to see her? Just go to her restaurant, Villa Blanca (recommend the Salmon salad, Delish!!) she is there all of the time.

Last year, I was at the Grove in L.A. having dinner at La Piazza and turn around to the table behind me because some darn rowdy kids were getting on my, well I recognized them roudy kids (ya know, cute little Blondie girl and adorable mini-afro boy) and immediately scanned the table for.......yup, Heidi Klum. Gorgeous!!!

Last week, while lunching in West Hollywood, we see....ugh, Chad Rogers. So annoying on the show, never liked him and always said I would go up to him and mess up his hair if I ever saw him. Lucky for him, he was driving away. LOL Same day, different place, we see his girlfriend. What is her name??? Oh yes, Cakes.

And a few months ago, outside a Starbucks in Malibu we run into MADISON also of Million Dollar Listing!!! LOVE Madison!!! He was super sweet and skinny haha.

SO, yesterday as we explored the West side, we get lost in Brentwood and end up in a narrow winding road in very residential Pacific Palisades that we knew would take us back to Santa Monica. Beautiful area. I'm admiring the houses and the peek-a-boo ocean views. Then, I see Jeffery Alan Marks and his sexy model boyfriend Ross.....

of Million Dollar Decorators.
They were heading back home from walking their dog and we saw them right as they were getting to their house. Peter wanted to stop and say hi and tell them how much of a fan I was of the show, but I pleaded and begged Peter not to. I hate bothering people and am super shy. But Peter?? Oh no, he wants to talk to everyone (hence how I got the picture with Madison, I got super embarrassed there and wanted to crawl under a rock lol). I think Jeffery and Ross noticed the break lights and us looking back that they ran in to their house, or so I think, because they disappeared rather quickly LOL.

Anyway, I love that I can now picture where they live and that this is what they walked (or ran) into. Isn't is just so beautifully natural and peaceful?? Enjoy!!

{photos via Elle Decor}

Have you seen any BRAVO tv stars??

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend



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