Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm Feeling WILD

I went to the L.A. Zoo yesterday and it was so much fun. I LOVE and am obsessed with wild animals (well any kind of animal) so I went crazy taking pictures. I mean, I can sit for HOURS watching the gorillas and the chimpanzees. They are absolutely amazing and I am fascinated by their every graceful move. Here are a few photos I took yesterday of the beautiful animals at the zoo. Which animal is your favorite?

Enjoy! {click on photo to enlarge}

And, of course, here is some wild interior design inspiration.

{All Animal photos by Me}
{Interior photos by Jonathan Adler, Pinterest, Elle Decor, Paloma81 blog, Architect Lines, Live Like You, Lonny}

Hope you all had a wonderfully sweet Halloween




  1. LOL LOL LOL I love the animal photos. My favorite is the giraffe. Wouldn't it be so cool to have necks that long and do they sleep standing up?

    You have selected some "wild"~ decor today. I like the giraffe in the first decor photo. Who would have guessed huh?

    Hope you didn't OD on candy!


  2. *** "You HAD me at the FIRST PIC!"... I, too, am NUTSO over animals... a day at the Zoo is ALWAYS in the TOP 3 of things I LOVE to do (especially on my birthday). I can watch for hour upon hour, and even my sweet husband is in awe, he says of ME~~~ he can't belieeeeeve how FUN that is for me!!!

    Thanks~ this was GREAT!!! What a FAB time you had!

    Warmest wishes,

    Linda in AZ *
    *** P.S. My precious husband (of 44 years... yes, we married when I was 3!!!!!!!!!!) gave me my engagement ring AT the San Diego Zoo... he SHOULD have been forewarned, huh???

  3. The wall full of snakes amazes me. I never thought that pictures of snake can be an excellent wall decor. Lovely!

  4. iris those images at the zoo are so beautiful + the matching decor is so much fun. i love it!