Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend in Review...My Favorites

I hope everyone is enjoying whats left of the weekend. I had a fun filled weekend and I am about to unwind in bed with a movie, Bad Teacher...anyone watch already?

Yesterday, Peter and I decided to head up the coast to our favorite little quiet town...Malibu. We love it there and try to go as often as we can (since it's not too far from us). We love eating at Cafe Habana (owned by Cindy Crawfords Husband Randy Gerber) and then grabbing some coffee at Starbucks or Coffee Bean and just walk around and relax (and of course do a little shopping).

I finally got to go in to the Super by Dr. Nicholas Perricone store. Bought some products to drench my skin in good ol' antioxidants.

and my "little shopping" also consisted of a full blown hunt for new sunnies. I've had my sunglasses for YEARS and they are so scratched I could barely see...but I love them.
Well I love these :-)

I also carved a pumpkin :-) Fun, but tiring. Carved some ghosts and a witch. Will try to post the finished products another time...too tired:-)

Speaking of being tired, I made pizza (second time this weekend) with THE works. Whole wheat dough from Trader Joe's, BBQ sauce, salami, mushrooms, peppers, chicken, and like 3 different cheeses. I ate it like I hadn't eaten in days. Sooo good.

{photos via trip advisor, get super, and Me}

What did you do this weekend??




  1. Just stumbled onto your blog! I am really smitten with you style! I am for sure becoming a new back soon for more xoxo!

  2. I really love your blog - I think it's really inspirational.


  3. those sunglasses are amazing + every time i look at the pizza i can't figure out how you got it to look so thin. i use tj's whole wheat crust all the time + it's super tell!

  4. Gwen @ PinkGrayGold thanks for the comment :-)
    Man that dough has been a pain in the toosh for me...but I think I finally got it this weekend after making 2 pizzas. Ok lets see if I can explain this in writing...I set the dough out for 20 minutes like it says on bag (put flour on counter then cover dough in flower and let sit), then I use a rolling pin and get to work, lifting and rotating dough and really pushing down hard on pin to stretch it. Then I hold it from the top with both hands so it's hanging and quickly move it clock wise so it stretches all around, being careful that it doesn't tear. Put down, use rolling pin, and repeat hanging process. I do this several times. Then set on pan and finish stretching with hands to fit in pan (I used a large cookie sheet so it stretches pretty good that's why it came out thin and rectangle) Oh gosh, hope I didn't confuse you LOL Good luck, let me know how it goes :-)

    xoxo Iris

  5. Iris,

    I don't know how I missed this post but I did! Love your new sunglasses and I wish I could have had a slice of your yummy looking pizza!

    I would die to have a view like the one in your image!