Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love Emily!

Last night I caught up on once of my favorite shows....Secrets from a Stylist with the wonderfully funky Emily Henderson. Man do I love her's so fun-ky and vintage but modern...and it's just plain COOL!! I like recording it because then I can fast forward all of the mumbo jumbo diagnostic sh-stuff and get right to the good part...the AFTERS. I also love to hear where she shops here in a L.A. Lots of good shopping pointers. Th amazing part (and what I love the most) is that she shops a lot at flea markets and purchases old furniture and gives them a make over. I love this.

Here are a few (there are so many more) afters that I am loving.

The "Graphic Novel Antique Geek Chic."
Yes, those are little people on that wall about starting to go a little "mental" after a few nights sleeping here. I think all those little people would start talking to me...but I love it. It's all so perfectly done. Go Em!!

The "Retro Polynesian Kitsch." Saw this episode yesterday...WOW!!! Didn't think I would like it when I saw them bring in that ginormous RED vinyl sofa thingy...but wow, I'm in love with it.

And the gold wallpaper is perfect with the red. The other walls in the house were painted a solid gold and look very very cool. I think the paint is by Martha Stewart.

The "Funky Elegance." *Gasp* I want to live here. This room is so beautiful and girly and pink, but yet so very grown up.

The "California Cool." Hello, isn't everything California, Cool? Haha. This space is very California in that it's very laid back and relaxed. Well, maybe not L.A. laid back and relaxed...we all know we are always on the go. Maybe more like Malibu laid back. Doesn't this space look so cozy?

The "I can't remember the name of the style for this space" sorry (someone help with this one). It's one of my favorite spaces Emily has done (yeah I know, and I can't remember the name). It's so elegant and funky with antiques in the mix, but also modern. The sofa is incredible. It was this yucky mustard velvet looking gross thing and look at it now. Must have cost a fortune to re-upholster.

The "Bohemian Flower Child." Also one of my favorite spaces...and families too (they are gorgeous). The sofa is to die for and that rustic table...oh my! Perfect color pallate.

The "Eclectic Artsy Odyssey." Doesn't that chair look so comfortable. And the all-over wall paper, you would think it would be overwhelming, but it looks perfect.

The "Exotic Contemporary Comfort." How beautifully is that collection of baskets displayed? I love how this space looks very worldly...and of course, well exotic. The browns make for a perfect masculine space.

And there you have it...some beautiful rooms, some great ideas, all Emily Henderson.
Check out Emily's blog here for more on her show and the amazing spaces that she creates. And if you are in the L.A. area, you can also enter to be in the show :-)

{All photos "stolen" from Emily's blog;-)}

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend (rainy Sunday here)



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