Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Swedish Beautiful Mess

So I am sure many of you have checked out the latest Lonny issue and have seen the amazing pictures of the lovely Jansch family and their Swedish Summer cottage. But what I want to talk about is the beautiful mess. I mean, look at the pictures and tell me it doesn't look like they styled it messy and cluttered on purpose? It just looks too perfect. I often look around my little casita (very little casita) and say to myself "damn, it's cluttered in here," and even though I have always loved that cluttered look, I sometimes can't help but want to de-clutter and make it a little emptier in here. Well, this swedish beauty has just inspired me to embrace my junk LOL.

So take the living room for example. We have the biggest coziest sofa that Peter already had when we met 9 years ago. It is faded, torn, and de-fluffed, and we often debate whether to get a new one or not, and usually my response has been "nah, I think I like how this one looks so worn in." Ha!! See, I was right. Slouchy, run down, worn in couches are cool if I may say so myself. Look at this gorgeous purple big slouchy couch. Love it! And what about the different patterns in the rugs? Too much? I am kinda loving it.

And then, look as this mess of a book case. I have to admit I have bitched and complained to Peter for keeping so many of his old books because our book case if about to explode, but as he would say, a good book collection tells a story of it's owners. Can't deny the coziness of books in a home. And layered mirrors? IN LOVE! Cute kids, too.

Check out the vintage wooden crates in the kitchen. Great way to organize and easy access.

Okay, and how many of us try to hide all of our toiletries for when company comes over. I know I have. But why not display EVERYTHING. Well maybe not the "lady stuff". A messy bathroom cabinet has never looked so good to me like this one does. And let's not ignore the cutie's pile of shoes on the left. I mean, what girl would not be proud to display her shoes?

How lovely is this little corner of books and toys and mementos...and just stuff?

Love me an exposed clothing rack. Wish I could say mine is in the bedroom, but it's actually at the entrance full of coats and scarfs.

And well I don't know what to say about this little messy corner...but it's looks good...and I love it. Is that a dog bed? ha!

So what do you think? Are you the very organized, everything in it's place, minimalist kind of person or do you like to live in a home that looks, well, lived in?



{all photos via Lonny magazine}

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  1. your totally right! a beautiful mess. my house feel like organized chaos too, just not so sure how beautiful it is......ha. so happy to find your blog!