Monday, April 1, 2013

Los Olivos

Happy April. It's my Birthday month...woo hoo! Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend. My guy and I went on a mini-roadtrip up to Los Olivos...about 2 1/2 hours from L.A. So glad we got to escape for a day. Really needed it. The drive up had the most absolutely incredible scenery with yellow fields of mustard plants and bright green hills. Just amazing!!! And then we arrive to the charming little town in the Santa Ynez Valley, literally about 2x2 block town with tons of wineries (of course), restaurants, and cute shops. My favorites were the Stafford's Famous Chocolates shop and Los Olivos General Store. Would go back just for these two. We had lunch at the Wine Merchant Cafe, which was delish!!! I am not much into wine tasting, but I have to mention SAARLOOS + Sons tasting room...decorated to the nines. I loved it. The only place we did some wine tasting and we actually bought a bottle of wine named "the bride", meaning it was that darn good. Oh, and not to mention the sweet little cupcake shop right in the entrance, Enjoy Cupcakes, YUM!



{all photos taken by me and may not be used}

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  1. Just lovely. :)

    I used to live in Santa Ynez, so thank you for the trip down memory lane.