Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rosebud tea

I love when I find something that can help with my skin. I've been dealing with cystic acne for years (mostly adult life, ugh) and am super sensitive to many topical products. So while I was at a chinese restaurant recently and heard about this Rosebud tea and how it is good for your skin, I just had to get it. Roses are thought to improve digestion, blood circulation, nourish the skin, regulate menstruation, improve fertility, and uplift mood (decrease depression). The flowery taste and aroma is simply lovely. This tea just automatically puts you in a good mood. Check out how darn pretty these little baby roses are.

Sorry for the overload of pictures...just too pretty.

So hopefully this tea does wonders for my skin. I'm a huge believer of the whole "we are what we eat" and truly have found out that changing what you put in your body, not only on your skin, can drastically improve your largest organ. I've changed my eating habits a lot, but I do like my sweets and I do still treat myself (trust me when I say I do) but can see the changes on my skin immediately. Such a bummer. But am definitely trying to eat cleaner. I also recently started using Clarins. Lets see how that goes.



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  2. Don't know about the health claims but it is certainly beautiful to look at!

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